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Making Payment Processing Simple, Powerful, and Fun

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It all started with the idea that merchants deserve better, and we work hard every day to make sure that’s exactly what they get. It’s time to stop with the clouded information, the high markups, and the unnecessary fees just for a profit. We exist to level the playing field for businesses to achieve greater success, and that means bringing fair, transparent, and simple processing to everyone.

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“This company was created because we believe that any business no matter how large or small should be able to afford to accept credit cards, and we are dedicated to making that happen.”

Meet the Team

Eric Andrews Junior Web Developer
Liz Connett Marketing Manager
Chris Erhart Lead Payment Consultant
Jacques Fu Chief Technology Officer
Spencer Hay Payment Consultant
David Johnson Mobile Developer
Lyndsey Lang Managing Director
Christina Machado Office Manager
Suneera Madhani Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Katie Magin Customer Success Manager
Sid Masso Implementation Manager
Jared Mobley Payment Consultant
Marni Mullikin Director of Operations
Allison NeJame Product Marketer
Julia Olson Content Strategist
Josh Pankiw Digital Media Specialist
Kunal Patel Director of Innovation
Sal Rehmetullah Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Kellan Rudnicki Payment Consultant
Daniel Walker Director of Technology

“I have a friend who owns a home inspection company, and when I walked him through our invoicing platform, it blew his mind how easy it was and how much time it would save him. He would no longer need to email or call for card numbers. It also tells him who is paying and who is dragging their feet! That’s what I love about this company – we work hard, have fun, and make everything easier for business owners.”

-Daniel Walker, Director of Technology

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