4 Tips for Improving Efficiency at Your Hotel

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As a hotel manager, you wear a lot of different hats. You need to give your guests the best experience possible while providing your staff with the support they need. And to top it all off, you need to make sure your hotel is running at top efficiency. Here are some tools and tips to help you save time and run your hotel more smoothly.

Automate What You Can

Take stock of which tasks you’re completing every day and find out what you can automate to make better use of your time. For instance, use a reputation management platform to send out customer satisfaction surveys after they check out. Then, use a sentiment analysis platform to synthesize review data from feedback into actionable improvements.

Another area that can be managed more efficiently is social media.  Schedule your social media posting with tools like Hootsuite. You can schedule posts to all at once, giving you a regular pipeline of content for your brand.

Hold Regular Training Sessions

Training your staff on a regular basis preps them for possible scenarios, minimizing confusion. But this is especially good for training front desk staff. You can empower staff to helping disgruntled or dissatisfied guests, lessening the need for management to step in. Aim for quarterly training meetings to go over new and existing procedures.

Updated training will help your staff to give your guests the best experience. You’ll see the results both in employee performance and in your hotel’s rating online.

Use the Latest Technology

Keeping up with newer technology will make your processes efficient and frictionless. This is especially true for administrative software. Integrated technology will connect with other software you use at your hotel, like your point of sale solution. So you don’t have to spend hours reconciling between your different tools. This is especially helpful when it comes to payments and sales. Integrated payment platforms will connect between your POS, terminals, and your virtual terminal for complete connectivity.

Invest in Team Messaging

Instead of hoping that your staff will remember to relay special requests and maintenance complaints to the correct parties, make it easy. 87% of Slack users reported that they had improved their organization’s communication and collaboration. These numbers are impressive, and you can use platforms like Slack to keep your team members up-to-date on what’s happening at your hotel. Plus, the management team will get to see everything that’s going on at a glance. 

Keeping up with the latest trends for the hospitality industry is a necessity, but so is future-proofing your technology and processes. Legacy hardware systems and old software can leave you vulnerable to data breaches and breaking PCI compliance – a standard any business that handles cardholder data must adhere to. To avoid fines, penalties and even lost business, you should start with finding and fixing any gaps that keep your hotel from being as efficient as possible.

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