5 Tips for Building the Best Online Store

Online shopping and eCommerce

eCommerce isn’t slowing down anytime soon. For traditional brick and mortar stores, an online store adds a new stream of revenue allowing customers to buy anytime, anywhere. And if your business is solely on the web, fine-tuning your website can introduce you to new audiences. Here are five ways you can create the best online store and boost your sales.

Reclaim Abandoned Carts

When a customer adds items to an online shopping cart and then leaves your website without completing the purchase, that’s known as an “abandoned cart.” This may be because the buyer decided the item cost too much, they were unhappy about shipping options, or they simply got distracted and left the internet browser to do something else.

In 2018, 75% percent of shopping carts were abandoned before checkout. That’s a lot of potential sales to lose out on. Luckily, many eCommerce platforms offer card abandonment extensions for online stores. You can send emails encouraging shoppers to reclaim their cart and complete their purchase. Some retailers decide to provide a special coupon to entice the shopper back, such as a small discount or free shipping offer.

Fattmerchant integrates with a range of eCommerce platforms that offer cart abandonment email extensions. These automated emails have an almost 10% click rate according to recent studies, and boost sales by reminding customers to finish up their purchase and check out. Using cart abandonment emails means you won’t be leaving any money on the table.

Create a Branded Experience

Creating a branded experience from start to finish for your customers is important. Your retail website has a certain feel to it including your logo and color scheme. When customers go from your shopping pages to the checkout page, they need to know it’s a secure place to provide their credit card information.

Having a payments portal that seamlessly integrates with your website can help build trust with your shoppers. Once you establish that trust, you can turn website visitors into loyal customers. From beginning to end, keeping your business’ brand front and center can boost sales.

Be Social

Engaging with potential and current customers on social media goes a long way to boost revenue. You can announce promotions or sales, answer customer questions, and drive traffic to your online store from Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest

The average value of online shopping orders originating from social media was $78.83. This means customers made a purchase after first engaging with a company or business on social media. That’s a huge source of traffic and revenue you can’t ignore.

Make Checkout Easy

Checkout should be simple and quick for eCommerce. Too many steps and requiring too much information can be a huge turnoff for customers. This is especially true if you require an account to complete a purchase.

You should make checkout as easy as possible by offering the types of payment methods your customers use most. Whether it’s a credit card, debit card, or mobile payment, offering a variety of payment methods will save customers time and improve their overall experience.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

A clunky, old website that doesn’t work on mobile phones will be a huge turnoff to shoppers. By 2021, about 54% of all eCommerce sales will be through mobile, so updating your website to work on mobile is crucial to staying competitive. A responsive website will be tailored to shoppers browsing your store on their phone. This improves the customer’s overall experience, which can boost your sales

eCommerce is a huge part of global commerce. Building or optimizing an online store opens up your business to a new source of sales and revenue. Interested in learning more about eCommerce? Check out our other blogs on the customer experience and omnichannel shopping!

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