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5 Tips To Make A Lasting Impression At Checkout

Learn How to Leverage Proper POS System Strategies for Retail Businesses.

Want to go the extra mile?

Almost everyone who’s ever worked in retail agrees that the sector is not for the faint of heart. From visual merchandising to product promotions and bundled discounts, you have to take care of a variety of aspects to deliver a memorable experience to your customers. And that’s not all. You also have to do it for every single customer every single day. 

There’s an excellent reason behind this approach. 

With plenty of options at hand, your customers don’t think twice about visiting your competition if they find their experience to be anything but perfect. That is why you always need to be on your toes. To help you deliver exceptional services to each customer, here are five tips that will make your customers’ checkout positively memorable – all without adding more stress to your day. 

1. Offer More Payment Methods

Limitations in payment methods can make you lose customers. When your customers discover a lack of payment options during checkout, it can frustrate them. Even having an integrated payment platform doesn’t help if you fail at catering to this need.

By adding additional payment methods such as mobile merchant payment solutions and virtual terminals for payment card processing, you can ensure that your customers have more than one way to make their payments. This provides them with a comfortable way to pay and improves the overall customer experience. 

2. Accept More Credit Card Networks

Even when you offer multiple payment methods such as mobile payment solutions and contactless card payments, it doesn’t mean that you are catering to all customers’ needs. Some of them might have credit cards that are supported by networks that you can’t accept.

Remember that it is essential that your chosen payment method works with different credit card networks. This allows your customers to feel at ease in choosing between payment cards that they possess. As a result, they feel more comfortable shopping at your store, which almost always translates into future visits. Further, it also allows you to reach more customers and build your business.

 3. Use an Integrated Payment Platform

Integrated payment solutions go a long way into making your retail POS system a powerhouse in payment processing. By automating your payments and making redundant data entry something of the past, you can ensure faster checkouts even for large transactions. 

Integration and automation ensure a better service for your customers and helps them get done with their shopping quickly. As a result, all of your customers can enjoy better services, which makes a great impression on them.

 4. Use Loyalty Cards

One prominent way to make a lasting impression during checkouts is the usage of loyalty programs. Whether you are catering to a customer who’s visiting your store for the first time or you are serving a repeat patron, most customers are thrilled at the idea of a loyalty program, especially when it comes with the best benefits.

Devising the best one for your business is possible through the leveraging of customer purchasing data you are able to gather through an integrated payment platform. This helps you know what promotions your customers enjoy most, the frequency of their visits, and more to determine the right way to reward them. 

Apart from offering mobile merchant payment solutions, offering a loyalty program lets customers know that you are a modern store that goes the extra mile for its customer experience. It also encourages customer loyalty and helps you scale your business with ease.

  5. Train Employees for Better Service

More often than not, employees who mind the cash register possess minimal training. This training also pertains to how to use physical and virtual terminals for payment card processing. Not only do you need to go beyond basic POS training to deliver the best experience possible, but you also need to help employees develop their interpersonal skills through additional customer service training. 

This practice might take a few more days. But it ensures that your employees are more than ready to deliver exceptional customer service. This results in your staff being able to independently resolve issues, demonstrating efficiency, and providing faster checkouts. As a result, it leaves your customers with an impressive experience during the checkout process. 

At Fattmerchant, our Vend POS system for retail businesses is designed in a way that helps you easily accept payments and save money. It is also seamlessly integrated with our Omni analytics platform to help you deliver exceptional customer service during each transaction. From traditional to mobile payment solutions, our retail merchant services are here to help you scale your operations every step of the way. 

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