5 Ways Fattmerchant Has Changed Payments in 5 Years

Banner celebrating Fattmerchant's 5th Anniversary

All of us at Fattmerchant are excited to celebrate our fifth year in payments. In just 5 years, we’ve gone from a brand-new startup to processing over $2 billion in payments. Today, Fattmerchant has almost 100 employees and is Central Florida’s fastest growing fintech company.

We’ve worked hard to get where we are, and to celebrate we’re sharing 5 ways that Fattmerchant has revolutionized payment processing over the past 5 years.


The Fattmerchant team celebrates with the Orlando business community.

1. Simple Subscription Pricing for Businesses

CEO and founder Suneera Madhani always enjoyed the convenience of subscription services. Birchbox, Netflix, and Rent the Runway all have one thing in common – simple, monthly pricing. Suneera knew that traditional merchant services were willfully difficult to understand in order to get the most money out of businesses.

Fattmerchant exists to put the merchant first instead of seeing them as just an opportunity for profits. We cut out the excess fees and difficult statements and instituted simple subscription pricing. Learn more about how it works.

2. Introducing Integrated Payment Technology

For most businesses, their operating technologies don’t speak to one another. You keep books in one program, manage inventory in another, and process payments separately. This means that business owners spend hours repeating processes and managing the operations of their business.

Omni dashboard on laptop

That’s why we developed Omni, our integrated payments platform. With Omni, all the payments you take online or in-person are synced into one easy to use dashboard. You can access customer and inventory reports, learn about your busiest times, and sync your data directly into QuickBooks Online. With Omni, you can save time and get the data you need to make smarter business decisions.

3. Prioritizing Customer Service

Every business owner knows that time is money. When you call the support line for your payments, you don’t want to be put on long holds or transferred to call centers where they don’t have all the answers. Fattmerchant puts the merchants’ experience first, so we offer all our customers in-house, specialized support.

When you call in, you’ll speak to a live person in Fattmerchant’s headquarters in beautiful downtown Orlando. Because our support is in-house, they specialize in the products you use and the services you love. Having an issue getting your terminal to connect to the internet? Questions about your bill? Unsure if your last batch went through? Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

4. Putting Orlando on the Payments Map

Early on, we were told that in order to be successful and get funding we would need to move our headquarters to other tech and finance hotspots. We knew that Orlando had the people and resources to develop the tools and technology we wanted to provide.

AOL Founder Steve Case with Fattmerchant CEO Suneera Madhani, CTO Jacques Fu, and Vp of Business Development Lyndsey Lang

CTO Jacques Fu, CEO and founder Suneera Madhani, and VP of Business Development Lyndsey Lang with former AOL CEO Steve Case

We insisted on putting down roots in our often-overlooked city to prove that we didn’t need to be in Silicon Valley to build a great product. And it worked! We were honored to host AOL founder Steve Case on his Rise of the Rest tour, which shines a light on how startups in smaller cities can drive local economies. We’re here to be an example that Orlando is so much more than theme parks and is a place that other technology companies can thrive.

5. Leading the Industry in Technology Partnerships

We don’t just help SMBs power their businesses – we also help software providers and ISVs bolster their apps and websites with payments. We created the industry’s first single API, giving partners the ability to seamlessly accept both swiped and keyed-in payments from the same platform. In addition to access to our revolutionary subscription pricing, we also give our partners access to advanced payment analytics.

This year, we rolled out our payment facilitation that unlocks more capabilities for our partners. This allows partners to onboard their customers instantly with no additional underwriting. We continue to focus on how we can give software vendors payments support in new and innovative ways.

In just five years, Fattmerchant has catapulted to becoming a payment processing leader, processing over $3.5 billion in payments. We’re looking forward to another five years of innovation and excellence!

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