A Closer Look at the Stax All-In-One Platform

Stax is an integrated payment platform that unifies payment processing for small business owners, bringing all your payment products and processing solutions together into one, easy-to-use platform. The Stax platform gives you everything you need to manage your payments, and with our marketplace that offers a wide variety of integrations options, like our QuickBooks Online Sync: Pro beta program, you’ll have all the tools you need for your business to thrive. Take a closer look at all the possibilities offered through Stax.

Access All Your Data In One Place

The Stax platform features a robust dashboard that gathers all of your business’ data, so it’s easier than ever to monitor the health of your business. If you have multiple business locations, the Company Overview Report can compile data from all locations into a single view. And with custom reporting, you can quickly dive deep into information on topics like payments, inventory, item categories, deposits, and more. All of your data is at your fingertips, so you sell smarter and grow your business faster.

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Sync Everything with QuickBooks Online

Stax features bi-directional syncing with the QuickBooks Online beta program. Your data will seamlessly transfer between QuickBooks Online and the Stax platform, so your unpaid invoices, payments, customer information, and catalog items are always within reach when you need them. Need to track unpaid invoices? That information is shared across both the Stax platform and QuickBooks Online, so when it’s paid, it will be reflected in both platforms, in real-time. Bi-directional syncing offers convenience and ease-of-use, so payment management is easy – no matter which platform you’re on.

Setting up your QuickBooks Online integration is quick and easy. All you need to do is head over to the marketplace, choose the QuickBooks Online integration, log in with your QuickBooks credentials, and your syncing will begin. You can be confident your data is stored securely in compliance with PCI standards and a host of other security measures. You’ll be on your way to worry-free payment processing!

Robust In-Payment Solutions

Whatever your in-person payment needs may be, Stax offers a robust and powerful suite of solutions for payment processing. Our lineup of standalone terminals is a quick way to accept payment from your customers in person, and you can integrate your terminals with our mobile and virtual terminal products to securely extend their functionality. You can even finish sales started on a virtual terminal on a physical terminal to lower interchange costs. These in-person transactions are considered a more secure method of payment since the card is present, so the interchange rate is lower compared to online or card-not-present transactions. Using integrated payment technology means a lower interchange rate, saving you money!

Stax’ line of card-present solutions offers convenience and simplicity. The Verifone Engage class of terminals sync to your Stax platform, and accept chip-enabled cards – otherwise known as EMV. The Dejavoo line of terminals has both standalone and integrated features, so you can accept in-person transactions that were started on the virtual terminal. The Carbon mobile POS makes it easier than ever to accept payment on-the-go. The Carbon features a robust screen for merchants and a user-friendly customer screen. And for more mobility, you can separate the device from the stand and take it with you.

Our mobile solutions, Chipper BT and Chipper 2x BT, accept EMV and magstripe cards through Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android devices. The Chipper2x also accepts Apple Pay in addition to EMV and magstripe cards. With our robust line of card-present solutions, you’ll get paid faster, no matter how you accept payment.

A Powerful Billing and Invoicing System

Our Stax platform is a powerful recurring billing and online invoicing solution. You can set up recurring invoice schedules or one-time invoices, and the online invoicing system will also send automatic reminders to clients so you can get paid quickly. Plus, with the Stax platform, you can track customer information, inventory, and catalog items, and create payment links to send directly to customers or for your website.


Our single API is built for card-present and card-not-present functionality, so you’ll never have to reach for more than one solution to get paid. Stax uses a RESTful API to make extending the solution worry-free and effortless. Our SDKs and Javascript library are developer-friendly and easy to use, with detailed documentation so setup is a breeze. You can create a solution unique to your business’ payment processing needs.

Get the Tools You Need in the Marketplace

The marketplace is your one-stop shop for the best apps and tools for your business. Whether you need more supplies or extra payment processing solutions, the marketplace has the most essential tools to run your business.

Security and Support Every Step of the Way

All of Stax’ products are Level 1 PCI compliant – the highest level – so you can store and transfer your data knowing it’s secure. All Stax members have access to a personalized account manager who is invested in the success of your business. Our customer success team will help your business operate within PCI standards so you can avoid penalties. To top it all off, the Stax platform also allows users to restrict permissions and set passwords for accounts, so your data and your customer data stay secure. We also offer a wide range of support options for your convenience. You can chat online, email, call, or check our self-help knowledge portal if you ever have questions. We’re with you every step of the way.

The Stax Platform brings all of your data under one roof, with the convenience of a single dashboard. Stax is designed to streamline the payment process, with easy setup and integration. And you can rest easy knowing your data is secure with our Level 1 PCI compliance. Log in and see how payment processing should be. Unified.

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