A Deep Dive into the Benefits of ISV (Integrated Software Vendor) Partnerships

As part of our blog series on ISV partnerships, we’re taking a closer look at the ins and outs of integrated payment partner programs.

To be clear, ISVs are independent software vendors that are crucial in platform growth and improving business processes for clients. Recall that a software vendor would have a deeper knowledge of the value of software to various customers and how different solutions can help to optimize their business.

Software vendors can also see further growth within their respective businesses by participating in ISV programs.

ISV partnerships with Stax provide opportunities and benefits for both the partner and their users. For instance, partners can count on a stable stream of income through incentive programs.

Plus, ISV partners and their users receive the same level of outstanding support through omnichannel technology, customer service, and more.

So what exactly are these key benefits for the various end-user profiles in these programs?

Why should you think carefully about seizing the opportunity to become an independent software vendor?

We’ll take a closer look at Stax’s ISV partnership program to demonstrate exactly what they are.

Revenue Opportunities

Besides adding value to your application or platform, ISV partnerships offer profit opportunities with revenue sharing and incentive programs.

At Stax, we develop generously, tailor-made revenue sharing programs to fit the need of each partner and maximize value between us and our partners.

These revenue opportunities translate into real resources for independent software vendors and help you to learn more about the opportunities present within the market today.

ISVs that understand the value of platform manufacturers, software, and the right technology solutions’ can invest in further corporate longevity.

Stax is an organization that seeks to serve as a strong business partner and create business opportunities in various ways. That is why Stax Connect works as a platform provider, ensuring value for all clients and third-party company partners in this ecosystem.

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Innovative ISV Technology

But would clients want solutions from an independent software vendor?

Yes, they would like to have solutions that can improve the quality of their business processes!

Integrated payment technology offers convenience and peace of mind. Stax uses an exclusive all-in-one API that enables merchants to accept both card present and card, not present transactions.

The Stax API easily integrates with other platforms, web services, applications, and solution providers.

Stax realizes the value of various software products, software applications, and how various resources within the market can be a significant benefit for your business and your clients.

These innovative technology solutions come about because of extreme competition in the marketplace. Various marketing and technology platform providers seek to provide the best assistance to businesses in various segments. But standing apart from other competitors is quite certainly a feat to achieve.

But operating system platforms, cloud software vendors, and other larger entities that power technology and businesses in this modern era can deploy marketplaces to include the solutions of these various innovative technology solutions. The larger entities can provide these smaller solutions as a value add, customers, choose which company or business solutions they like, and create a win-win-win for the parties involved in the picture.

This is the crux of the ISV partnership and why it matters for your large company or small business.

With an ISV partnership, you can add value to your own platform or application by giving your merchant customers an all-in-one experience they can’t get elsewhere.

Our development team works with each of our software vendor partners to build a custom solution that integrates into your own platform or applications.

With Stax, payments are directly integrated, customers can access all of their tools from your platform, never having to leave to access and manage payments. You’ll be able to offer a seamless, streamlined experience that adds immeasurable value.

Quality Customer Experience and Support

We’re proud to offer real human support to all of our Stax members. Each of our members receives a dedicated account manager who knows them, their business, and what they need to grow. You can see the difference, with our NPS score of 70+, compared to an industry average of -8.

To us, customer support helps us stand out in an increasingly saturated world. You want to know that if you participate in an ISV program that you will have the support and assistance that you need to succeed and thrive in your business.

We appreciate our customers, partners, and other entities who work with us regularly and go above and beyond to provide support and assistance that makes a difference.

That is why we emphasize human-oriented customer service instead of elevator music and endless automated voices for everyone from our ISV partners to our clients.

As an ISV partner, your merchant customers receive the same level of care and support to ensure their continued success. Plus, our team is always available through phone, email, and live chat.

Outstanding Partner Experience

Stax ISV partner program starts working towards your success from day one.

We focus on building relationships with our ISV business partners, and we’re committed to providing the best experience possible. Our partner success team is dedicated to providing extensive onboarding support, training programs, and continued education opportunities to ensure our partners are as successful as possible:

  • Partner Success Team: We pair you with a dedicated partner manager who works closely with you to ensure smooth onboarding and ongoing success through regular check-ins and monthly reporting.
  • Integration Team: Our partners gain access to our team of rockstar developers who work directly with your tech team to provide a seamless platform integration.
  • Marketing Support: From co-branded materials to customized marketing plans, our partner marketing team provides the tools you need to help generate leads and increase your revenue.
  • Channel Sales Support: Our specialized team of payment consultants will quickly work with partner-generated leads. With extensive training on each partner, our consultants provide a best-in-class experience to your merchants.

ISV partnerships are smart opportunities to add further value to your application or platform while extending benefits to your users.

Our API and innovative technology can be easily implemented and integrated into your existing platform or application.

And our award-winning support and dedicated success teams provide both you and your customers with all the tools you need to be successful.

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This blog is part of our ISV Partnership education series. This series will explore the rewards and details of integrated payment partnerships and examine the benefits of using integrated payment technology.