A Merchant Services Horror Story


After working in merchant services for many years, Fattmerchant’s CEO/Founder, Suneera Madhani, has seen some terrifying things and has one merchant services horror story in particular that will keep you up at night. A story of a merchant that faced terrors and waking nightmares at every turn. The following is a story of an innocent merchant who was haunted by her very own merchant services provider. With no mercy, they forced her to endure the following….

Overpriced Terminals

The merchant in Suneera’s story was forced to pay a frighteningly $750 for a $250 machine. Overpriced terminals are just one of the horrors lurking in traditional merchant services. You should

Terrifying Statements

With all the creepy crawly ancillary fees, statements can be terrifyingly long and riddled with every fee you could imagine. This makes statements impossible to read and they inevitably become a living nightmare. Find someone who has statements that are simple, not statements that keep you up at night.

Painful Percentage Markups

Traditional merchant services providers charge horrifying markups on top of the interchange rates that everyone has to pay anyway. It can come to point that processing credit cards is such a costly expense that it becomes painful, even cruel for the merchants to process. Don’t take percentage markups sitting down and find someone who won’t force you to endure the pain.

Fees Lurking In The Shadow

Traditional merchant services providers have a lot of similarities to vampires, one of them being that they’ll suck their merchants dry with no remorse. Merchants can go years with no idea where their hard earned money is disappearing to. Keep your eyes peeled and force your merchant services provider to answer the hard questions.

Trapped In a Contract

Merchants across the country are trapped-sometimes for years-with their provider. They sign long term contracts with no way out and nowhere to run. Protect yourself and think before you ever sign a contract, no matter how much you think you can trust the person handing you the papers. Better yet, never sign one, and avoid the trap altogether!

No One To Hear Your Screams

The worst part of it all is that when merchants have questions or need service, they wait and wait on the phone, and there is no one there to answer their calls and no one to hear their screams. A merchant services provider should be bringing a stop to your nightmares.

Don’t be afraid though! With Fattmerchant, there are never any tricks, just treats.

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