All You Need to Know About eCommerce Payment Processing

Due to the increasing concern and closures because of the Coronavirus, many of your customers may be moving away from in-person shopping. Selling your products and services online allows you to continue business as usual. Using eCommerce payment solutions such as adding an online shopping cart can minimize the revenue lull during the inclement social climate.

Here is everything you need to know about eCommerce payment processing and how it can help your business grow.

How Can eCommerce Solutions Help My Business?

From accepting credit cards and debit cards online to setting up your customized web store, eCommerce solutions can assist when in-person payments are not an option. Whenever your customer is ready to checkout they can easily do so directly from your website.

After adding items or services to their cart, your customer can go to the checkout page. There, they can enter their debit or credit card details and process their payment digitally. When set up the right way, this process allows your customers to complete their entire purchase process without ever having to leave your site or the comforts of their home.

Why Are These Solutions so Important?

Online payment solutions are crucial to a modern business. Without them, you are unable to accept payment methods that are becoming an industry standard.

This makes these payment services highly essential for any business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store or an online service. But the benefits of these solutions do not end there.

To help you understand the larger advantages of online merchant account services, here is a quick overview of their most common benefits.

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Cater to a Large Set of Customers

The online payments process allows your business to accept credit card payments in an easy yet efficient way. Instead of driving down the complicated road of bank transfers or check payments, you can give your customers a simpler way to complete their purchases through your own website.

This gives you the opportunity to expand your outreach to potential customers who cannot visit your business location or who are obtaining your services remotely.

Maintain the Consistency of Your Brand

With the ability to design your shopping cart and checkout process the way you want it to be shown, you are also able to maintain the consistency of your brand while also accepting online payments.

This way, you don’t have to direct customers to third-party websites or payment methods to complete their purchases. This gives your customers the assurance of dealing with a business that has a larger and robust infrastructure, which allows them to have more trust in your operations.

Enjoy Industry-Grade Security

Reliable online merchant account services providers offer their services without putting your customers’ security at risk. They comply with the latest industry and security standards to ensure that you and your customers’ data remain safe from any threats.

By partnering with credible payment processing solutions, you can enhance your customers’ trust in your eCommerce solutions. New customers no longer have to wonder if they can trust your business with their financial information. By seeing that their payments are secured via renowned security standards, they become more comfortable in transacting with your business.

Cut Down Your Revenue Cycle

If you turn to online payments it can have a significant advantage in terms of improving your revenue stream. Instead of having to wait to receive payments after the delivery of goods, you can accept your payments at the time of order placement.

This helps you manage out-of-pocket costs more efficiently and cuts back on collection times. It is also one of the most glaring reasons why more and more businesses are turning to online payment solutions as they manage their operations.

The convenience, security, and most of all a viable method of accepting payments make online payment processing a sought-after solution for businesses of all types.

Your Online Store, Connected With Stax

Partnering your online store with the Stax Platform puts your entire payment experience into one easy-to-use location. Along with statements, deposit reports, and PCI compliance, each online payment you process will be accessible and accounted for within your dashboard.

With quick payments, a simple setup, and modern solutions, it is easy to see how eCommerce solutions can benefit your business. If you want your business to succeed in today’s day and age, then having these payment services is a must.

We at Stax offer state-of-the-art conventional and online merchant account services that take care of all your needs while also being affordable. Through our secure, seamless, and customizable solutions, we can help your business scale according to your expectations.

To learn more about our services or to receive a custom quote reach out to us at Stax today. We will be happy to discuss your needs and help you set up online payment solutions that are a perfect fit for your business.

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