American Express One Point

Why Amex uses EMV technology

Today, I want to take the time to discuss the most widely known card American Express also known as AMEX! Read below on how you can save money on taking American Express at your merchant locations, get your money together the very next day, as well as learn about how we consolidate all your billing into one merchant statement with Amex One Point and Fattmerchant!

American Express is widely known for their loyalty and exclusive membership. Most customers who hold an American Express tend to spend more than any other cardholder. Merchants will receive all the benefits of accepting American Express in their businesses, this way you will be able to promote and attract a higher profile clientele. If you are not already taking Amex or have a separate merchant account with American Express where your funding comes in separate, and you have a seperate bill- let me introduce you to a beauty we call… American Express One Point. This is a great tool that is utilized for merchants to consolidate the acceptance, settlement, funding and dispute management of all the card brands together with your existing merchant account! Yes that’s right, no more second American Express statement,  no more waiting on funding to come in three days later. With Amex one point and Fattmerchant you are able to get all your funding together by 9 am the very next day. Best part yet, all of this is at no extra charge, no extra settlement fees, no extra batch fees, no extra percentages over cost, and no more headache of consolidating records! Call us today to get started to save time and money, with Fattmerchant we provide you direct access to interchange at cost without any markups on Visa, MasterCard, Discover and of course American Express!

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