August 2017 Virtual Terminal Product Update

fattmerchant virtual terminal feature updates

We’re halfway through August, and things are certainly heating up over here at Fattmerchant! Our tech team has been hard at work to bring you some new features that will be sure to bring some much needed efficiency to your team. From preauthorized transactions to drafted invoices, we’re excited to continue to help you streamline operations at your business.

All of these features are available on the Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal or via our free iPhone app, Fattmerchant Payments Mobile. Have a question, or want to book a personalized demo? Give us a call at 1-855-550-3288.

Preauthorization made simple

Need to preauthorize a payment amount or transaction? Now you can simply check a box through Fattmerchant’s virtual terminal to preauthorize a transaction, and go back later to capture and settle those funds!

By choosing to preauthorize a transaction, the payment will be processed as an authorization, and no funds will be captured until you go back and capture either the full or partial amount that was authorized. Preauth holds are frequently used at hotels, restaurants and gas stations – and are a good way to help you reduce fraud and refunds at your business!

Additionally, uncaptured authorizations are now available in the dashboard – notifying you at a glance when you still need to capture and complete a transaction.

Easily export invoices and schedules

Invoices and schedules can now be exported as a .csv file! Similar to the same way that transactional activity is exported from Fattmerchant Payments Online, exporting this information allows you to view all invoices and schedules in an Excel format that can easily be shared with your team!

Draft invoices and transactions for templates and more

Users now have the option to save a payment or invoice as a draft! This makes it simple to create a template invoice that can be duplicated for use with multiple transactions, or return to the transaction when a customer is ready to pay.

Drafted transactions can also be accessed via the mobile app, so if you save a draft from your desktop, you can also access the same draft from the app – making it simple for you to complete a transaction in the field without having to start from scratch!

Hidden attachments until payment received

Hidden attachment make it easy for you to simplify the back and forth of deliverables with your clients! By selecting the checkbox for hiding a file until payment is received, you can ensure that as soon as your client pays their invoice, the file is made available to them directly. No more back and forth emails for delivery of a digital file!

Failure status for invoices

The failure status for invoices helps you to see which transactions had an error during the payment – this makes it simple for you to see when an invoice has failed to be paid, and allows you to reach out to your customer for an alternative payment method!

Expired Card Warnings

The payment method page now shows a warning if an expired card is selected – making it simple to know when to reach out to customers for an updated payment method!

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