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Some businesses are organized in such a way that they need a payment gateway in order to accept payments. But what exactly is a payment gateway? Essentially, a payment gateway is any software that facilitates the communication of transaction information. These gateways come into play most often with online business who need to accept card-not-present transactions. The payment gateway enables the online store to authorize cards and accept payments.

One of the leading payment gateways in the country is In order to use this technology, you must also have a processor – or merchant services account – in place. offers two options upon sign-up: you can opt to get the gateway by itself or choose to bundle the gateway with their merchant services package. Many merchants choose the second option simply for convenience, but this is not always the best choice.

Fattmerchant uses as a gateway for our processing, but without any of the extra fees and high markups. So if you’re already enjoying an account but want a more affordable solution, consider Fattmerchant.

Pricing and Fees

Fattmerchant members that use our access to the gateway have the benefit of Fattmerchant pricing instead of what is offered for merchant services. This means that you get the exact same experience of using, but at a much more affordable rate. Fattmerchant never charges markups or extra fees, and we never lock you into a contract.

Take a look for yourself – for the same exact services, you’ll be paying significantly less in setup costs, cents per transaction, and markups. Plus, Fattmerchant never has any fine print. All things considered, your monthly costs with Fattmerchant will be an average of 30% less. Think about what you can do for your business with the extra cash!</>

We recently sat down with one of our members, Clean the World CEO Shawn Seipler, to talk about his experience using with Fattmerchant processing. Check out the video here!

Customer Service

When it comes to using the payment gateway with Fattmerchant processing, the customer service can’t be beat. All Fattmerchant members enjoy a dedicated, real-human customer support team that is always available to answer your questions.

Payments are central to your business, so you can’t afford to sit on the phone on hold when you need help with something. does not have the same personalized customer service that we offer. Even if you have a question about your technology, Fattmerchant will always be your first call. We will always be the one to find you a solution, saving you time and frustration.

User Experience

The best part about pairing your payment gateway with Fattmerchant processing is the user experience. If you already have an gateway, so nothing changes! The Fattmerchant team simply makes a few changes in the background, and you’re all set! You can continue using the technology you love, for a fraction of the price. Your day-to-day activities don’t change and there is no need to retrain your staff.

If you don’t already have an account, no worries! The Fattmerchant team will get you set up on exactly the technology that you need for your business.

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