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Biz with Liz: Electronic Invoicing

First, online invoicing saves time. This is a no-brainer, but it is important to point out. It is easy to fall into a routine and not remember to evaluate whether or not that routine is the best for your business. By bringing your invoicing online, you free up your staff’s time for more meaningful tasks.

With Fattmerchant Payments Online, teams are able to schedule invoices ahead of time – either one-time or recurring. Think about how much time that could save if you were able to schedule all of your recurring invoices at once, and be confident that your invoices are sent out when you need them to go.

Not only does online invoicing save your team time, you are also able to get your funds faster. Your clients receive digital reminders that their bill is due. When a payment is made, you receive the funds next day. With snail mail and traditional checks, you typically need to wait days before those funds are available to your business.

Finally, let’s talk about organization. This is a big one. Keeping accurate records of clients, payment histories and billing information is one of the most important things you could do for your business. With an online invoicing solution, this is automatically done for you. From within the platform, you are able to track histories and keep track of payments with ease. In today’s age, it is much too risky to rely on manual processes to keep track of these things. Online security is sophisticated enough at this point that you no longer need to worry about sensitive information being online.

So, take the time to explore online billing solutions for your business – it will absolutely be worth it. Fattmerchant Payments Online is our home-grown solution that was built with you in mind. You can automate invoices, track payments, and bring some well-needed organization to your billing practices. Call us today at 407-982-1782 to get started. Talk to you soon!


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