How Blezoo Upgraded their Payments with Fattmerchant

Blezoo accepts credit cards with the help of Fattmerchant

Blezoo, a promotional marketing agency in College Park, Florida, has upgraded their payment processing with Fattmerchant. Through the use of the Fattmerchant online platform, they’re able to save customer data, process recurring payments, and send immediate receipts to clients – simplifying the payment process for both the Blezoo team and their customers. Plus, after going through a statement analysis with the Fattmerchant team, they realized they would be saving a considerable amount. Read on to learn about their experience switching, using their new tech, and working with the Fattmerchant team.


The Best Experience

Blezoo is a promotional products marketing agency based in College Park, Florida. “We create remarkable promotions for our customers so they can save time and look good,” explains CEO Dean Caravelis. Their office walls are lined with branded notebooks, jewelry, totes, and mugs – just to name a few of their impressive offerings.


Blezoo loves using Fattmerchant for payment processing


Key account executive Angela Minerva says that the favorite part of her job is “working with all of our incredible clients and getting to transform a logo into something that really tells a story.” This shines through in the work that is proudly on display throughout the office as well as through the emphasis the Blezoo team puts on their customer experience.


“Having a good payment processor makes our customer’s lives easier, and that’s something we always try to do. We want to delight our customers all of the time, so having something that is simple, easy to use, fast, and efficient makes our communication more clear and our experience with our vendors more consistent and reliable,” explains Minerva.


“Much like Fattmerchant, we make things easy so our customers can focus on growing their business,” says Caravelis. “Relationships are really important to us here at Blezoo, and Fattmerchant is another local company that is involved in the community,” he continues. “I heard about the great service they deliver and the awesome product and it was really a no-brainer to switch to Fattmerchant.”


The Future of Payments

Before Fattmerchant, the Blezoo payment process left a lot to be desired. “I felt that our payment processor was very slow,” explains Minerva. “It was unclear on how to use the technology and the information on when a payment would go through or not was very confusing and hard to read. It seemed like our payment processor was just living in the 80s.” This is a complaint we had definitely heard before, and something that Fattmerchant strives to overcome with powerful and intuitive technology.


In order to accept payments, Blezoo uses a process very similar to a lot of other agency-style businesses. “We take credit cards from our customers usually as a first-time payment on their orders,” explains Minerva. “We have a lot of recurring buyers and we use Fattmerchant mainly for holding on to and reprocessing our recurring buyer’s cards. And with Fattmerchant’s customer database tool, it’s really easy to just click the card and use it every time – the process takes 5 seconds.”


Office manager Collyn Welsh couldn’t agree more, saying “I’m using Fattmerchant every day, multiple times a day, basically whenever anyone wants to pay with a credit card. I love it, it definitely makes my job a lot easier.” She goes on to explain, “It’s all so seamless and easy. I think what’s really great is that I can run a card and immediately send a receipt. It’s well received by our clients who get to see a receipt for their payment while we’re still on the phone – it’s a really great feature.”


A Partnership to Rely On

“I love the Fattmerchant team!” exclaims Welsh, “Especially since I’m newer to the company and to the role, I’m asking them a lot of questions and I always get a detailed response back very quickly.” With something as vital as payments, its important to partner with a vendor you can rely on and that enjoy working with, which is something that Blezoo made sure of when they switched to Fattmerchant.


“Working with Fattmerchant has been delightful,” says Caravelis, “We’ve already seen savings and I’m looking forward to growing with them. In fact, before we signed up, we went through a savings analysis, which was incredibly valuable.” Fattmerchant works with businesses to go line-by-line on their current statements to see what they could be saving, and Blezoo took advantage of this offer. “At first I didn’t realize how many credit cards we were processing – but once we completed the analysis it was obvious that the savings were there. We’re excited to put that money right back into marketing so we can run even more cards in the future!”


At the end of the day, Fattmerchant and Blezoo work together to produce a seamless payments experience not only for the Blezoo team, but for the customers as well. “I think every CEO needs to be taking a look at their costs and what value their vendors bring to the table – so Fattmerchant is definitely worth a look!” says Caravelis.


“My advice to anyone looking at Fattmerchant is to just do it already!” exclaims Minerva. “You’re going to love it and you’re never going to regret it – you’re never going to want to go back.”


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