Connect QuickBooks Online with Omni

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Many business owners use QuickBooks Online to manage their business operations. The program makes it easy to track income, manage bills, handle payroll, and organize receipts. And now, you can track payments, too. 

By activating the QuickBooks Online App through Omni, Fattmerchant users can instantly sync their payment processing information with their other business data. With our integration, you’ll streamline payment and customer management, saving you time. Here’s how it works.

Sync Your Data Instantly

When you accept payments online through Fattmerchant, you can sync them into your QuickBooks Online account so you won’t have to manually reconcile payments. The QuickBooks Online integration regularly syncs between your accounts throughout the day. If you need immediate access to data in either platform, you can manually sync from Omni in just one click.

Besides payments, you can sync customer data, invoices catalog items, and more. Your data will be securely tracked in both platforms, so you can check an invoice status at any time in either platform. Our technology features one of the industry’s only two-ways syncs with QuickBooks Online.

Easy Set Up

Set up your QuickBooks Online Integration in just a few clicks. First, log in to your Omni dashboard and navigate to the Marketplace by clicking “Apps” in the left sidebar. Then, select Intuit QuickBooks and click the Open button. Finally, from the QuickBooks Online App select Enable Sync Pro. You’ll be prompted to confirm enrollment. Finally, log in with your QuickBooks Online credentials and give the app permission to access your data.

That’s it! Your data will start syncing automatically. Now, your invoices, payments, customers, and more will be synced between your QuickBooks Online account and Omni.

Laptop displaying Omni dashboard.

Security You Can Trust

Our QuickBooks Online integration is Level 1 PCI compliant. That means that when you can accept payments online, we encrypt and tokenize the data to protect you and your customers. You can also set and restrict permissions for user accounts and set passwords. In Omni, just navigate to Settings, then Team Settings. You can add a new team member or edit an existing one to change their role and their permissions.

Save Time Managing Your Business

For QuickBooks Online users, syncing business data with Omni makes it easy to manage your business. You can make changes in one place and have it reflected in both of your platforms. Sign into either platform to see up to date business information.

Learn more about our industry-leading integration: QuickBooks Online Sync Pro

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