CPA Solutions Partners with Fattmerchant for a Streamlined Payment Solution

CPA Solutions

Dalia Cantor, owner of CPA Solutions, built her company from the ground up.“I started the company with just me,” she explains, “and then we slowly grew into a firm with 2 offices, 11 employees, and over 1200 clients.” CPA Solutions serves the Orlando area and specializes in healthcare and dental offices, foreign tax, and exceptional customer service, which is what keeps her clients coming back. “I think part, or the majority, of our success is due to the level of service we provide,” Cantor explains. No wonder she’s the go-to CPA of choice in the greater Orlando area.


Time is Money

With impressive growth comes the need to scale certain business tools along with it – payment processing being one of them. “Prior to Fattmerchant, it took a lot of time to get our clients set up on their payment schedules,” explains administrative assistant America Rodriguez. For professional services such as accounting, the main way clients are billed are on a structured, recurring basis. Not only that, but “the majority of our payments are through credit cards,” explains Cantor. “This day and age, fewer and fewer clients are paying with check or wire transfer. I would say 85% of our clients pay with credit cards, which is significant.”


In order to keep that level of service as high as possible for their clients, CPA Solutions needed a payment technology company that could cut down on their manual processes and save them time. “Often, our clients call in to make a payment, so we need to be able to log into the system and take payment information while they are on the phone. This feature is very convenient and fast with Fattmerchant. Plus, we can have multiple people taking payments at one time.”

A Simpler, More Affordable Solution

“We started using Fattmerchant a few months ago and we’re very happy with our service,” says Cantor. The streamlined technology solution was really a major factor when deciding to switch CPA Solutions to Fattmerchant processing, especially the recurring billing feature. “Using the interface is super easy, user friendly, easy to navigate, and we were up and running in a matter of minutes! All you need to do is pop their information in the system, hit a button, and you’re good to go!”

CPA Solutions and Fattmerchant Partnership
Not only was the technology where they needed it to be, the implementation process was a breeze as well. “It was fairly seamless,” explains Cantor, “it didn’t take much time at all. We just had to import all of the data and we went live the next day.” For such a busy firm, little disruption to daily operations is key when implementing new tools.


On top of it all, CPA Solutions is experiencing significant cost savings with their new payment technology platform. “We actually are saving quite a bit,” says Cantor, “In our first year I calculated that we’ll be saving approximately $15,000-$17,000 in processing fees. It was definitely one of the factors that came into play when deciding to work with Fattmerchant.”


CPA Solutions Dalia Cantor explains why Fattmerchant is best.

A Lasting Partnership

Not only does Cantor use Fattmerchant for CPA Solutions’ own merchant services, she is an affiliate partner who recommends Fattmerchant to her clients as well. “With Fattmerchant, we’ve found that it’s very user friendly, fast, and reliable. Plus, their team is very engaged and always there to help. We take a hard look at vendors before suggesting them to clients, so it was refreshing to find that Fattmerchant could bring this much value to the businesses we work with.”

Being able to work with Fattmerchant to provide savings, payment technology, and service to her clients is something that is very important to Cantor. When she can present an analysis that shows significant cost savings to her client and see their reaction, it’s priceless. The strong partnership between CPA Solutions and Fattmerchant not only brings Cantor a better experience, but gives her the ability to share that experience with her clients.


At the end of the day, “we love the team, we love the application,” says Cantor. “I would definitely recommend Fattmerchant as a processing solution. I’m very pleased.”

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