4 Ways to Empower Field Employees and Boost Efficiency

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For companies that have both home office and field employees, it can be difficult to make everyone happy with your business tools. A solution that may simplify billing could be unreliable in the field, or you may find later that you’re missing key features that would make your employees’ lives better.

When choosing a new payment solution, keep your field employees who are taking payments the most in mind. There are features you can enable that can increase efficiency and improve their satisfaction. Here are 4 ways you can empower field employees to help them do their job:

Digitize Record Keeping

One complaint many field reps have at a number of organizations is that they have to waste so much time taking and transcribing notes. One solution to this is by drafting invoices on the job. Within an invoice, employees can add inventory items, services, and notes on a phone, tablet, or laptop.

In addition, with a mobile swiper or virtual terminal, field employees can take electronic payments at the time of service. They won’t need to worry about losing checks or accounting for receipts, as digital invoices automatically store in your payment system and email the customer a receipt.

Plus, if you use QuickBooks Online for your accounting, with an integrated system you’re able to automatically sync your invoices and payments into your accounting. That’s fewer steps for both field and office employees.

By using an integrated payments platform, payments taken in-person, over the phone, and online will be accessed within one system. This will save time for employees across your organization.

Streamline Payment Collection

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Often, one of the most confusing pieces of a service appointment for customers is how to handle payment. Will your technician accept it, do they need to call ahead, or will you receive a bill? Do they need to carry checks or can they pay by card?

By providing your field representatives with mobile swipers, you can complete the appointment quickly and securely. They simply need an internet-connected device and a mobile card reader to be able to charge customers at the time of service. Your customers will be happy to have their whole appointment handled, while your books are automatically updated with the payment.

Giving customers a simple and streamlined experience can improve loyalty, online review ratings, and their overall satisfaction. But your customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from updated payment technology.

Enable Tipping

Your field employees are the face of your business. Not only are your employees providing vital services to your customers, but they answer questions, give professional insight, and give the personal touch that customers want.

Allow customers to show their appreciation for your employees that go above and beyond by enabling tipping on invoices. The field isn’t mandatory, but for technicians that go the extra mile, customers can directly thank them with a tip. Plus, when the holidays come up, your customers may already be looking for a way to thank the service people they rely on all year.

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Manage Inventory Automatically from Invoices

Your online payment system should include a catalog of items, allowing you to set up and manage inventory. Every time a catalog item is added to an invoice, it is automatically deducted from your online inventory system.

For example, it a field technician uses materials at an appointment like refrigerant and filters, they just add it one time to the invoice. They won’t need to manually keep track of what they used, and your home office won’t have to hound field employees for what they need more of.

By upgrading your payments system and adding features that make your field employee’s jobs easier, you’ll both improve efficiency for your business and eliminate some of their most tedious tasks. Learn more about how our payment solutions empower field businesses.

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