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how to accept credit cards without losing money

Are you tired and frustrated with your current credit card processor? We’ve been there. With fattmerchant, there’s no confusion. You’ll no longer dread opening your bill every month, and you’ll be surprised by how much money you save.


First, fattmerchant will help you understand your bill by clearing up how all of those pesky fees and charges work. Visa and Mastercard fees are the same for every merchant company across the board. What other merchant companies don’t tell you is that you’re paying a percentage markup over those fees, and additional miscellaneous fees on top of that. All of these fees can add up to a 3% increase on your bill each month!



At fattmerchant, we only charge you the bare minimum pricing model so that you benefit the most in savings. We offer a flat fee subscription of either $59, $79, or $99 a month, allowing you to chose which plan works best for your business. There are no markups over interchange, statement fees, PCI compliance fees, or monthly minimums included in your bill. There’s also no contract. In fact, when you sign up for fattmerchant, we give you a hassle-free cancellation policy.


We keep it easy, simple, and transparent. Simple processing with FATT savings: that’s our promise to you. For more information, or to sign up with fattmerchant today, visit our website: https://fattmerchant.com/.

Business Owner's Payment Processing Guide to FATTSavings!

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