Fattmerchant: The Perfect Payment Technology for Bakeries

fattmerchant payment technology for bakeries

If you own a bakery, you know how important it is to be able to quickly and easily use your payment technology. Your life is busy and on-the-go, so having a payments partner that is easy to work with, makes sure you get paid fast, and is there to help if you need it is essential for success. Fattmerchant just makes sense for bakeries, and here’s why.

Payment Technology for Any Situation

bakery payment technology

Bakeries often have a lot going on. The bread and butter of your business is in-store sales, but many bakeries also take large orders for weddings and special events and attend trade shows or other off-site markets. With so many ways to do business, you need a payment technology partner who can accommodate these needs.

Fattmerchant has a solution for any of these situations. Our EMV compliant, easy to use countertop terminals are perfect for in-store sales. Or, if you would prefer, we also offer a robust mobile solution that works in store or on the go. Catalogue your items quickly and easily (complete with pictures!) in the mobile app and take payments with our mobile card reader. You can take this on-the-go to trade shows and markets as well.

Fattmerchant Payments Online, our online billing and invoicing solution, is perfect for those larger orders. Invoice your brides or party planners quickly and easily, and even take partial payments for deposits on larger orders. With the ability to send automatic payment reminders, you no longer have to manually track down your clients for payments – the system does it for you!

Simple Pricing

Fattmerchant is dedicated to providing quality payment processing with a pricing structure that just makes sense for bakeries. With so much going on in your day, how much you’re paying for payment processing should be the least of your worries. Every month when your statement comes in, feel confident that you know what you’re paying, how much you’re paying, and why you’re paying it.

Fattmerchant was created with the business owner in mind, not the other way around. Most other merchant services providers purposefully complicate their statements in an effort to hide unnecessary fees and other charges that most merchants don’t even know they’re paying. With Fattmerchant, payment processing stops being a necessary evil, but an actual benefit to your bakery.

Dedicated Customer Service

With most payment technology companies like Square or big banks that offer merchant services, getting someone on the phone for customer support is a nightmare. A lot of the bigger companies offer a very wide variety of services on top of payments, so when you call in, you are often bounced around departments until someone is able to help. This is simply not a realistic option for bakeries – if you have a question or problem, it is essential you get it solved quickly.

Fattmerchant has a dedicated, in-house team that works around the clock on the success of our members. When you call in to our Orlando office, you are guaranteed to speak directly to a real human – never a robot. We understand how important it is for businesses to be able to accept payments and never want a merchant to feel frustrated or left in the dark.

The bottom line is, you deserve a better payment technology for your bakery. Not only are you overpaying for sub-standard service, you are not experiencing the technology you need to really efficiently accept payments and get your funds faster. Call us at 321-414-5752 for more information, or send us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!

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