Fattmerchant’s #BigFattWin

celebrating startup success at crummer school of business

Here at Fattmerchant, we are still super excited about our #bigfattwin the other week at the Rollins College Crummer Venture Plan Competition! We were able to make it through 3 rounds of the business plan competition and ultimately walk away with the top prize of $25,000 with an additional option of a $25,000 equity investment from venVelo. Not to mention, the amazing exposure and connections we gained!

The Crummer Venture Plan Competition was restricted to participants who had a Rollins College graduate team member. For Fattmerchant, this team member was Lyndsey Lang, Managing Director, who graduated from Rollins in 2014. Talking about the win, Lyndsey states, “We are ecstatic about the $25,000 prize from the Crummer Venture Plan Competition, but what’s truly remarkable about this competition is the pool of potential clients and investors it immediately connects us with. We’re very confident that the exposure we’ve received from winning will result in a bigger network and even more funding to take FattMerchant to a place where we transform the credit card processing industry as we know it.”

This win was by no means an easy one for us! In the final round, we were lucky enough to compete against some truly amazing companies. These businesses were Nighthawk Running, Freedom Audio and Sipper Cocktails who received $15,000, $7,500, and $2,500 respectively. All of these companies had amazing presentations and we are excited to see what the future holds for every one of them.


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