Finding It Difficult to Manage Multiple Revenue Sources? Here’s How an Integrated Payment Platform Could Help

Businesses of all sizes must offer online services, even if it holds a strong presence in its brick and mortar store. Implement a holistic strategy and scale your business optimally by enhancing your online presence with the right tools and customer-centric features.

Following this strategy isn’t easy. It comes with ongoing challenges and new problems. For instance, having a brick and mortar store in addition to an online store can create further hassles in bookkeeping and payment processing. Thankfully, Fattmerchant utilizes modern technologies to help eliminate this stressful problem. Streamlining your invoicing and income through one integrated payment platform can help you process your credit card and cash payments with ease.

Do you already run online and offline operations? Are you thinking about increasing your profits through multiple avenues? If yes, then here’s how merchant processing solutions could help you.

Issues with Non-Integrated Payment Processing

When running your operations through multiple avenues, it can become challenging to manage the inflow of payments. This fact is certainly relevant for credit card payments. Credit card payments often require different vendors for online and offline payment processing.

Instead of easily tracking all your revenues either through your cash register or your online merchant platform, remember to keep track of both sources unilaterally. Manually adding and transferring funds between these payment processing sources is one potential solution. But it is undoubtedly not the best solution. Remember that manual processes necessitate additional labor costs and distract from key business activities.

Other issues surrounding non-integrated payment processors include an increased subscription and credit card processing costs, equipment not syncing with each other. If you have loyalty programs in place, you have to manage customer data separately.

Having an integrated payment platform helps you to manage all your payments, in-person or online, in one place. They effectively resolve all of the problems mentioned above and cut your costs and processing times. Integrated payment platform solutions help you to focus on strategic actions that will propel your business forward.

Tips on Using Integrated Payment Processing

Perhaps the best part of using merchant processing solutions is that you can utilize them efficiently in your business. Remember to stick to these following points, and find an integrated merchant platform provider that caters to your specific needs.

1. Start By Looking for Solutions That Work Both Ways

If you use a specific merchant platform for your brick and mortar store and a different merchant processing system for your online storefront, it can rapidly make understanding payments tricky.

Find and utilize one integrated payment platform. Start by looking for solutions that support both online and offline payments equally.

Avoid solutions that don’t offer this critical, holistic integration component.

2. Check If You Need to Fulfill Any Special Requirements

Some of these integrated payment processing solutions may require you to have certain types of business accounts to utilize their services. Conversely, others may have minimal restrictions.

Look for services that require minimal conditions to set up your integrated merchant processing system. This helps you cut through unnecessary requirements along with the costs and time associated with them.

3. Focus on Ease of Use

The whole point of turning to an integrated payment platform is to make payment processing easier for your business. Make sure to select a vendor that provides an intuitive interface for their merchant platform.

This aspect helps you save time on employee training as well as system management on an ongoing basis. It also helps in minimizing the room for error that often comes with using complex systems.

At Fattmerchant, we make it easy for businesses to accept credit card payments in-person and online. By using our Omni integrated payment platform solutions, you can access leading technology while saving on your credit card fees.

Feel free to reach out to us at Fattmerchant today for your free consultation.

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