By Julia Olson

Five Reasons Why Fattmerchant’s Mobile Reader Competes With Square

Square has become a popular mobile solution for small businesses due to its ease and accessibility. Square appears to offer a simple product and service, but when you do the research, the details behind it don’t necessarily make it the best solution for all businesses. Check out how our mobile payments options compare with Square:


Both Square and our mobile device, Accept, are provided to the merchant for free. As soon as you get the device, you can start using it. Since Square does not have an underwriting process, it is not uncommon to encounter issues with transaction funds being held. We send you Accept ready to go, linked to your bank account, and funds get deposited directly into your account the next day with no delays.


Square offers bundled rates of 2.75% for transactions that are swiped, and 3.5% + 15 cents for transactions that are manually entered. They try to simplify it by including interchange fees into the bundled rates. However, if you do your research, you’ll find that interchange rates are generally much lower than 2.75% and 3.5%, so they are including their markups as well. (For reference, Visa/Mastercard credit card rates are about 1.5% and debit is only 0.5%! And the higher your volume, the more money they are taking.) At Fattmerchant, our monthly subscription opens the door for you to pay the direct cost – No markups. No fees. We don’t profit off of your volume.


Square and Accept both work with iOS and Android smart-phones and tablets. Accept also works with RIM equipment. Both mobile devices plug into the headphone jack. Accept is interchangeable, so you and any number of your employees can use it on any of your phones or iPads.


Both Square and Accept are able to send receipts to your customers’ phones or emails. Accept lets you customize the receipt, and updates all sales in its integrated inventory management system – providing you an all-in-one mobile POS.

Customer Service

If you encounter any issues with Square’s service, it isn’t very easy to get in touch with support. You have to send an email to a general support address – this can be frustrating for those who need to resolve an issue immediately. At Fattmerchant, customer service is a priority. You always get a voice on the phone, and we provide you with a technical support line that is available to you 24/7. Most importantly, Fattmerchant is backed by NPC/Vantiv – one of the nation’s top processors – so all of your transactions are highly secured.

The moral of the story

Fattmerchant’s mobile device – Accept – is small and portable, offers next-day funding, built-in analytics, more secured transactions and with no markups. You make the call, and when you’re ready to discuss how you can get Accept for free and see the savings for yourself, give US a call…to our direct number, never an automated system.

Request a free savings analysis to see how the Omni integrated payment processing platform can work for you.

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