A Fresh Start to Your Processing with Fattmerchant

January means a fresh start to your year – and with Fattmerchant’s latest features, we can help you make the most out of your day with product categories and sales reporting, simplified account updates, and modifying customers and payments linked to sales. Read on or watch here to learn more.

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Know What You’re Selling

  • Product Categories: Categories help you to create groups for your catalog items, making it simple to run reports against which categories are cumulatively driving the most sales for your business.
  • Robust Reporting: The new reporting section in the Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal allows you to dig even deeper into your own sales reports. Reporting can now be run for individual items, categories, and payment methods.
  • Access Deposit Reports: Deposit reports by batch are also available in the reports tab, allowing you to view grouped reports of deposits sorted by date – all of your batches are now available with just a click! Additionally, you can also access deposit detail reports, allowing you to view individual transactions and their batch information.

Update, Modify and Customize with just a few clicks

  • Update Account Information: Need to update your DBA or make changes to your banking information? Not a problem – simply login to your account, and access the appropriate Docusigns, and we’ll get the ball rolling for you!
  • Modify Customers Linked to Sales: Occasionally, you’ll run a sale but attach it to the wrong customer – we get it, mistakes happen! Now, you can re-link the sale or payment to a different customer so that your customer’s profile and payments are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Sequential Percentage Discounts: Percentage discounts are now handled sequentially. For example, if there is a 10% discount and a 5% discount, the 10% discount will be applied first, then the 5% will be applied after – the order in which the discount is added is how they will be applied. For more information, read our help desk article here.
  • Hide Company Name: If your logo includes the company name, we give you the option to hide your written company name on printed receipts, bill page, website payments page, emailed invoices and receipts!

New Year, Improved Cash Flow

  • Outstanding Invoice Warning: If a customer has an outstanding invoice and a new payment is initiated, a warning will show, giving you the option to continue the sale, or to view outstanding invoices for that customer. This allows you to quickly link a payment to an outstanding invoice, or remind your customer of outstanding balances!
  • Short Term Capital Loans With Kabbage: Fattmerchant has recently partnered with Kabbage to help bring small business funding to our merchants. Get up to $150,000 right away! Learn More
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