By LeeAnn Huntoon

How a Drug Testing Facility Can Boost Sales With an Online Shopping Cart

Drug testing plays a significant role in ensuring the wellbeing of people in personal and professional settings. From following rehab programs to guaranteeing transparency in competitive sports, this branch of medical testing goes a long way in improving people’s lives for the better. 

Organizations and individuals often turn to drug testing facilities to meet their crucial needs. As an operator of a drug testing facility, you can enhance your outreach to your target audience by turning to an online shopping cart solution.

With eCommerce sales hitting a whopping $3.5 trillion in 2019 with a projection to almost double this figure by 2023, taking your drug testing solutions online seems like a no brainer. But how does it help you boost sales in real-time? 

How Can Online Payments Help Your Drug Testing Facility?

Depending on the workplace, regular drug tests are a large part of ensuring employee safety and responsibility. When you throw in the professional facilities that help people with substance abuse, the importance of drug testing services becomes even more profound.

While the applications are different, all of these segments turn towards the online medium at one point or another. And they do so with various goals in mind. 

Some of their most common purposes include: 

  • Booking appointments for on-premises drug testing.
  • Making requests for sample collection services.
  • Buying over-the-counter (OTC) drug testing kits.  

That’s where an online shopping cart can boost your sales as a modern drug testing facility.

Accepting Online Payments is Key to Staying Competitive

Thanks to the evolution of web-based services, major laboratories now accept online payments for their services. Online payments offer additional processing options to those customers who either don’t have cash on hand or who want to use their debit or credit card for payment simplicity. 

In comparison, if you have a run-of-the-mill website that can’t accept immediate payments for appointment booking services and dispatches OTC products only through cash on delivery, then it can affect your value proposition. 

Turning to an online shopping cart solution helps you stay on par with your competition and ensures that you are not lagging behind them in a very crucial segment of customer experience. 

Ways An Online Shopping Cart Can Improve Your Overall Drug Testing Operation 

Prevent Appointment Cancellation

Getting advance payments for appointments saves you from abrupt cancellations. Accepting a payment beforehand improves the chances of customers showing up for the scheduled services. 

Boost Sales Effectively

By catering to people who are looking to make their payments online, you don’t have to turn away any customers who don’t want to pay in cash. Improving your payments process expands your outreach and boosts your sales effectively. 

Gain an Edge Over Competitors

Even with the onslaught of competitors who accept online payments, there are still those entities that don’t provide these solutions. An online shopping cart helps you gain an edge and highlights your service as a better choice for customers.

Scale Your Operations

All of these benefits come together to help you improve your cash flow in the long run. Since the costs of running an online shopping cart are low, and the process is straightforward to follow, accepting online payments is a surefire way to scale your operations. 

At Fattmerchant, we specialize in providing targeted payment processing solutions to drug testing facilities. Whether you want to accept payments through your website or need additional solutions on your premises, we at Fattmerchant can help you obtain the exact services you need. 

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