How Businesses Can Reap the Rewards of Mobile Payment Solutions

mobile payment app

There are many advantages to having a mobile payment solution for your business – savings and convenience are two prime benefits. Mobile payments are a great solution for merchants whose business needs require on-the-go payments or need to accept payment but don’t necessarily require an entire POS system. In-person transactions are considered more secure, since the card is present, so the interchange cost is lower than if payment was made without the card present. You can accept payments other than  cash and check from customers, making checkout more convenient and a better experience for the customer. Using mobile payment solutions also offer flexibility; you can track and manage your payment from wherever, even if you’re not behind the counter.

Going mobile not only opens up your checkout process, but it also helps you get paid faster, even when you’re on the move. In this blog, we’ll explore why mobile solutions are a great choice for your business.

You Can Take Your Business Anywhere

Our mobile solutions were created for on-the-go business owners, with phone and tablet functionality. If you need to accept payment at a checkout counter or on the road, mobile payment solutions have you covered – you can key-in card information, use a mobile swiper, or scan a card. If you’re on the road or at a convention selling merchandise, you can check customers out from the floor without missing a beat.

You can also track cash payments and invoices from mobile applications, and track analytics from an intuitive dashboard. With Fattmerchant’s line of solutions, you’ll enjoy the Omni platform’s capabilities on your phone so you can manage and view inventory and catalog items in addition to tracking payments and invoices. You can accept payments almost anywhere – on the road, at trade shows, or in the field with clients.

You’ll Save Time and Money

Mobile payment solutions are perfect for businesses that need to get paid on-the-go and can’t wait. Your business won’t be chained to a countertop, and Fattmerchant’s versatile mobile payment solutions put you in control of how you accept, manage, and track payment. The key benefit of mobile payment is freedom to accept customer payment from wherever you are, so you don’t have to wait on customers to pay an invoice.

You’ll also save money on interchange fees. Interchange costs are lower for card present transactions, so mobile payment solutions are a great way to save money. If you’re running a pop-up shop for your online store, this is a great way to keep your fees low without investing in a ton of hardware. You can help customers without being stuck behind a register.

Mobile payment solutions are a great way for merchants to get paid when they’re on the go.  Mobile swipers with terminal integrations enable merchants to accept in-person payments from their phones, making it a perfect for merchants who don’t need an entire POS system but still want a streamlined checkout process. When you’re looking for flexibility and versatility for your payment flow, the right mobile payment solutions can save on interchange costs and offer convenience like no other.

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