How RESTful APIs Can Improve the Payment Experience

Fattmerchant's RESTful API and Payments

Developing a custom checkout can go a long way towards creating a great payment experience for customers. Even if you’re not a developer, creating a custom payment experience for your business is a great way to address customer pain points. A checkout process with too many steps, or one that accepts too few methods of payment, can turn checking out into a headache.

APIs, SDKS (software development kits), and other developer tools may seem complicated at first glance, but they’re all smart ways to create a custom payment experience. They allow your app or website to be able to work with other tools. So what kind of tools are there, and how can you leverage them?

Extend Your Capabilities with RESTful API

A RESTful API is a unique and dynamic tool for developers to create a custom payment experience. REST, or Representational State Transfer, is  part of what goes into developing an API. A RESTful API is easy to implement and use – Fattmerchant uses one in our integrated payment platform, Omni, for payment processing. You can add payment solutions to your phone, software, website or hardware easily.

With just one API, you’ll enjoy customer management capabilities, with inventory tracking, invoicing, recurring billing, and more. The API also allows for tokenization, online payments, and can be integrated into physical terminals for your convenience. You’ll stay organized and on track, and a RESTful API extends your payment solution’s capabilities with easy implementation.

Take Payment On the Road with iOS and Android SDKs

Mobile payment solutions are great for businesses that need to accept payment on-the-go without using too many pieces of hardware. iOS and Android SDKs, or software development kits, are developer-friendly tools for building mobile applications. So while you may need a developer’s help to implement it, you can create a more customized checkout experience from your business’ very own app.

Securely Accept Payment with Javascript Libraries

Javascript libraries simplify application development. In payment processing, Javascript libraries enable merchants to easily and securely accept payment. Javascript libraries like Fattmerchant’s can work with an API to take payments and protect payment information. Security is important in an age driven by data, and ensuring your payment solutions are PCI compliant is a key component of data security.

If you use Fattmerchant’s Javascript library, you’ll enjoy easy implementation and PCI compliance with the support of an experienced team of developers, with detailed tutorial videos and helpful articles available to help you get started.

Developer tools like APIs and SDKs give you the ability to accept card-present and card-not-present transactions while providing a customized payment experience. If you manage an online store, branded checkouts with your logo and color scheme will create a cohesive and consistent checkout experience for your customer. And, if you’re a storefront merchant, a RESTful API can extend your payment solution to your software, hardware, phone, or website. From there, you can accept payment on the road, remotely, or from the counter.

Fattmerchant offers transparent, subscription-based pricing without hidden fees or contracts – and zero markups. With our Omni platform, you have a toolbox full to bursting for creating a custom payment experience. From our RESTful API to our seasoned developer team, you can accept payment with confidence. Have you ever used an API? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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