By LeeAnn Huntoon

How Roofers Can Grow in 2020 With Integrated Payment Systems

As a roofing specialist, having the right tools for the job makes all the difference in how you get the job done. Similarly, having the right payment processing tools for your needs provides convenience and simplicity not just for you but for your customers as well. 

With a field service business such as yours, jobs vary from home to home. Whether the customer requires a small repair or full roof replacement, the size of a job can mean the difference between a $300 invoice or a $3k invoice. This makes getting paid on time for services rendered a must for your growing roofing business.  

Here is how integrated payment systems can help your roofing business grow in 2020. 

Accepting Mobile Payments For Roofing Services

Having the ability to accept mobile payments while out in the field simplifies your ability to get paid instantly. It allows you to put the focus on getting the job done and obtaining more revenue-generating business. With mobile payment solutions, you can accept, track, and manage your payments on the go, from anywhere.  

Mobile credit card swipers sync to your phone via Bluetooth and allow you to accept Visa, Mastercard, and Debit cards on site. You can also ditch the swiper and take payments via smartphone or tablet with simple payment processing apps. 

Using A Virtual Terminal To Track Invoicing

On the job? Out of the office? A virtual terminal allows you to not only track your invoicing but also manage your payments online from any location, at any time, and on any device. You can also maintain communication with your customers regarding unpaid invoices with automatic payment reminders. 

When a customer makes a payment, the virtual terminal automatically sends an email receipt for their records, helping everyone manage their payments with ease. Plus, due date reminders are sent from the system to your customers to help you get paid faster. 

Optimize Your Quickbooks Online With Omni Integration

Quickbooks Online Sync will seamlessly transfer your data between QuickBooks Online and the Omni platform, so your unpaid invoices, payments, customer information, and catalog items are always within reach when you need them. 

Need to track unpaid invoices? That information is shared across both the Omni platform and QuickBooks Online, so when it’s paid, it will be reflected in both platforms, in real-time.

6 Reasons to make the switch to Fattmerchant’s Integrated Payment Systems for Roofing Services: 

  • Save money with our flat-fee processing
  • Get paid faster with invoicing and online billing
  • Easily consolidate in-person and online payments
  • Accept credit cards, mobile payments, and ACH payments. 
  • Enjoy simple technology for easy transactions
  • Get training from our award-winning customer service team. 

Fattmerchant brings all your integrated payment systems needs under one roof. Get started with simple Merchant Services for contractors. Setup is a breeze. Interested in exploring new ways to grow your roofing business with integrated payment systems? Contact Fattmerchant today.