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How to Collect Mobile Payments on the Go

Long gone are the days of paying with checks or walking in a payment. Today’s customers want the flexibility to pay by a card at the time of service. Plus, by accepting payments right away, businesses don’t have to worry about sending invoices or chase payments. For companies that aren’t always working out of an office, mobile payments are one way to quickly and securely accept payments anytime, anywhere.

To get started with mobile payments, you’ll need:

  1. A mobile swiper to accept cards
  2. A Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or device
  3. A secure payment processor

We’ll break down how it works and the benefits of accepting mobile payments.

How Can I Accept Payment in the Field?

Mobile swipers and mobile apps allow you to accept quick payments out in the field. Mobile swipers can connect over bluetooth to your phone so you can accept cards or mobile wallets. These devices then connect to your processor’s mobile app so you can track, manage, and accept payment without needing to write a paper invoice.

Mobile swipers accept magstripe and chip cards plus contactless payments like Apple Pay. Using these devices gives your customers more options for how they want to pay, especially if they prefer to use their credit card over writing a check.

You can essentially turn your phone into a point-of-sale system with these payment apps and mobile swipers. And if you have other employees out in the field, you can track their payments from your own device. Using a mobile app to manage payments means you don’t need to be at a desktop computer to track everything.

Why Are Mobile Payments a Good Fit for Me?

Mobile payments are easier to track from your phone than a folder full of paper invoices. Most credit card processors use cloud-based technology, so your data is secure. Mobile payment technology also saves time, since you can swipe, dip, tap, scan cards, or key-in information when you need to settle payment. You won’t keep customers waiting as you finalize their payment, so you can save time and get to your next job.

Beyond scanning cards and keying in card information, you can still create and email an invoice to customers. And if you’ve started an invoice from the web, you can finish it on your mobile device, lowering interchange costs. You can track these invoices through your app along with cash payments. Mobile payments are flexible and convenient, so you don’t have to wait days to cash a customer’s check.

How Can I Get Mobile Payments for My Business?

Most payment processors offer mobile options either through an app or with mobile swipers. Fattmerchant’s BBPOS Chipper BT and Chipper 2x BT mobile swipers work with our Android and iOS apps, turning your phone or tablet into your very own point-of-sale system. You can accept, track, and manage payments from your phone or tablet.

These are a great fit for any field services business, especially if you manage multiple employees out in the field. You can also manage customer information and their preferred payment methods so you don’t have to enter their information multiple times.

Ready to see how mobile payments can improve business operations? Check out our mobile solutions!

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