How to Design the Perfect Online Store

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A great online store isn’t that much different from a great physical store. It needs to look good, be easy to find, and make it easy for your customers to buy your products. In this blog, we dive into the specifics of how you can create the best online store for your business.

Protect Your Online Store’s Data

Your first priority needs to be protecting your customers’ data. Before you set up your store, first talk to your payment processor about what you need for your website. Many payment gateways protect cardholder data by encrypting it so it’s PCI compliant. And if your customers know their data is in good hands, they’ll be confident in buying something from your store. In fact, 84% of people won’t make a purchase if your website isn’t secure.

Design Your Store Around Your Customer

Great design means that your website is both attractive and functional. You can’t just design a store for desktop computers – it needs to be mobile-friendly as well. 34% of online retail purchases happen over a mobile device, so you need to be accessible on every device.

Along with a mobile-friendly version of your store, your website needs to follow a smooth flow from when a visitor reaches the homepage to after checkout. Clearly display product categories in your navigation and simplify checkout to just a few steps. Let customers check out as guests to eliminate unnecessary steps that might drive shoppers away.

Use Smart SEO for eCommerce

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than a buzzword. It’s a valuable tool for lead generation. SEO relies on figuring out what terms your customers are using in search engines then improving your website so it appears higher in search results. Investing in SEO tools for your business translates into more visitors to your site and more conversions into sales.

Craft your category pages and product descriptions with an understanding of SEO in mind. A few places you can start include:

  • Set alt tags for your images
  • Keep your URLs simple – think, not
  • Structure page menus in a logical way (website>category>product)
  • Set headings for keywords you want your products to rank for

Stay Current With Updates

Once you perfect your website’s design and launch it, it’s important to continually make tweaks and refreshments. Cosmetic changes will keep your store competitive while you can test featuring different products.

In addition, many websites including WordPress sites have ongoing updates in the back end. These updates help keep your website secure. Keeping current on updates will help you remain PCI compliant and ensure you don’t lose any functionality.

Your online store’s presence is as important as a storefront. Optimizing your store will keep your business competitive and secure while generating sales. With the right execution, your online store will convert more visitors into loyal customers.

Check out other ways you can optimize your online store on our blog!

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