How To Get Paid On Time: 5 Tips For Field Service Professionals

Running an operation is not an easy task for field service professionals. Even when you do stellar work and perform the tasks as expected, you often have to chase your clients to get paid for a job well done.

But as tricky as the process might seem, it is still not without its workarounds. By following tips such as turning to merchant account providers and tweaking your invoicing practices, you can shorten the gap between completing your work and getting paid for it.

Here are 5 of the best ways to get paid on time and to help you navigate this uncertain yet manageable world of payments.

Turn to Mobile Payment Solutions

More often than not, clients delay making payments due to an absence of cash. Sometimes, they don’t have funds readily available. At other moments, it may be due to friction in the process such as lack of time or other issues that may prevent them from paying on time.

In these situations, you can turn to mobile merchant payment solutions to help you fix these issues. By making use of mobile transaction terminals, you can provide your customers with a more convenient way to quickly process a credit card payment.

In addition to that, you can also make use of modern mobile app payment solutions, which let you turn any mobile device into a payment terminal. By using dedicated apps from your merchant account providers, you can even use your Apple or Android device to accept payments with ease.

Know Who to Contact

Even when you know the company or individual you have rendered your services to, it doesn’t mean that you know the actual person who is providing payment for the bills.

To get paid on time, you must know this information. Whether you are using online payment methods or mobile payment solutions, knowing exactly who to send the invoice to helps you steer clear of gatekeepers and potential delays.

This simple practice helps you get your payments processed promptly and keeps your company account from depleting when it shouldn’t have to.

Keep the Invoice Simple

While it is essential to know who to contact for your payments, it is also imperative to learn how to reach out to them.

Here, it is best to keep your invoice as concise as possible. Keep things clear in terms of billable hours and rendered services. But make sure that you do not overcomplicate by adding in any unnecessary details. This applies equally to any type of payment request, whether you are using traditional merchant services or mobile merchant payment solutions.

It’s because the more details you give to your clients, the more time they will take to understand them. The simpler your invoice is, the faster it will get processed.

Don’t Feel Ashamed in Asking for Quick Payments

Regardless of the kind of services you provide, you offer them in exchange for a set compensation. You know that if you do not receive your payment on time, it can affect your business operations. Keeping this in mind, don’t hesitate to ask for your funds when you deliver the services.

As long as you keep your tone professional and courteous when asking for payment, it shouldn’t affect your relationship with a client. Find out their preferred method to pay and honestly recommend the quickest way for them, and for you, to process their payment.

When you have delivered quality work, your client won’t hesitate to turn to your preferred mobile app payment solutions to transfer payments quickly.

Keep Communication Open

One simple yet effective tip after sending the invoice is to keep yourself available for any questions or clarifications. Mentioning your availability when invoicing, along with your hours of operation, is always a good practice.

This way, your clients know that they can quickly reach out to you to get any questions answered.

When coupled with a capable mobile merchant payment solutions provider, these tactics can help you get your invoices processed quickly and easily. At Stax, we specialize in integrating our conventional and mobile payment services to operations of any scale. To learn more about how Stax can help you get paid on time, reach out for a custom quote today.

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