How to Impress Dog Owners at Checkout

vet holding dog at checkout

Get Out Of The Dog House With Updated Payment Processing Tools For Veterinarians

Beyond providing man’s best friend with tender loving care, as a veterinarian, you have a variety of daily responsibilities within your practice. Your facility, your employees and, of course, your four-legged patients and their owners are all counting on you to provide an optimal experience. 

Whether a dog owner is visiting for regular vaccination or an emergency care issue, the last thing they want to worry about is the safety of their payments. That’s why your customer payment experience must be seamless—and painless. 

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your customer experience and impress your loyal dog owners at checkout.

Modernize Your Payment Terminal

One way to optimize your customer experience is to make sure that your payment system is safe and secure. By upgrading it to an EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) terminal, you can help make it more difficult for potential perpetrators of fraud to pick up useful information from your patients. 

Traditional debit and credit cards have magnetic stripes that store data statically. Accepting the EMV standard allows for added security, which is why many card issuer banks are upgrading to this card model. They are slowly doing away with cards that only use the magnetic stripe method. With the chip, account information stored on cards is encrypted uniquely each time it is accessed through the terminal.

In short, upgrading to EMV is a win-win for your veterinary practice from multiple perspectives.

Accept Mobile Payments

Going through a traditional checkout process can be pretty difficult for a dog owner who has a sick pet by their side. To provide some ease to their checkout experience, consider the idea of accepting mobile payments. 

This could come in the form of mobile payment processors, where the receptionist can walk up to the customer in the waiting area and process their payment right where the owner is sitting. The method which lets you accept client payments through quick, tap-and-pay systems via their mobile device is also an ideal solution. 

Upgrade Your Patient Management System

Upgrading your management software lets you improve your customer experience and helps dog owners feel like more than just a number in your financial books. Upgrading to a modern management system can not only provide you with information regarding their pets’ past, present, and future visits to the facility it also lets you know exactly what the dog owner has gone through in their current visit and when their next appointment is due.

A virtual terminal offers additional ways for you to personalize the checkout process. For instance, sending invoices that feature your personalized vet office logo to your customers is a great way to represent your company. With the virtual terminal, you are also able to schedule payments and keep track of payment plans with recurring billing and digital payment reminders. 

At Fattmerchant, we will be glad to explain the process and show you how it will all work for you. Reach out to as at Fattmerchant today to bring about a seamless experience for dog owners at your veterinarian facility. 

Ready to stop chasing your tail when it comes to processing payments for your veterinary practice? Learn more about our solutions and how they can help your services. Contact Fattmerchant today for a free demo

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