How to Modernize Your Grooming Company

man grooming small dog

Modernizing a pet salon or grooming company goes beyond redesigning your space. Updating your technology and inventory impacts the health of your business and opens you up to new streams of revenue. Here’s how you can modernize your grooming business in no time flat.

Treat Your Social Media Followers to Great Content

If you’re not on social media, your business is missing out on new customers. You can leverage social media to your advantage to attract new customers. Groomers have an especially strong opportunity for easy organic growth, as pet pictures are some of the most effective social media content.

Sharing a photo a day of a great groom helps get people to interact with your brand while also displaying your work. Be sure to share breeds that have complicated cuts to show off your expertise and make other owners comfortable with trusting you with their companion. 

Try creating a Pet of the Month feature on social media for some of your most loyal customers. Each month, choose a new client and snap a photo of their pet. Offer a small discount along with the feature, and you’ll have new content for each month and an incentive for customers to book more services.

Expand Your Inventory

Besides grooming services, you can expand your offerings to include retail products. While guests wait to check in and out, have treats and toys available for them to peruse. Organic food and luxury grooming products are great add-ons to increase your average ticket price.

You can track your new inventory and services through integrated point of sales system. These POS systems will track inventory levels whenever someone makes a purchase. Once the level dips down below a preset level, the POS automatically reorders the product for you. You’ll have opened up a new opportunity for revenue without overspending on inventory.

Track and Respond to Reviews

Reputation management is a term for monitoring what people think of your business based on online reviews. Customers can leave reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google, and other websites to tell others what they thought of their experience.

Even if a customer leaves a negative review, responding to reviews boosts your credibility by showing you really care about your customers. And answering rave reviews shows you’re an active and attentive to your customers, which also helps your online reputation.

When responding to reviews, remember that you’re not just replying to the writer. Other people are considering using your business are reading the reviews and your responses. Always be professional and courteous in your reviews and try to avoid sounding defensive or accusatory of the customer. 

Use Online Booking Software

Online appointment systems are a must-have for any modern pet salon. Your customers will love the flexibility of being able to book an appointment on their smartphone or computer, especially after hours. Most appointment software will integrate into your point of sale solutions, so you can track your day’s bookings from one platform.

Upgrade Your Systems

It may be time to update your company’s payment hardware. Older systems are vulnerable to data breaches if the security software is outdated. And if they don’t integrate into your POS, you’re spending extra time on reconciliation. Newer terminals and solutions cut your work in half since they connect with all your other solutions. Check your current equipment and see if it needs an upgrade.

You can modernize your grooming company and get ahead of your competition with new technology and an expanded inventory. You’ll have more opportunities to promote your business and reward your loyal customers.

Ready to get a jump on your competition? Request a demo to see how we can make your payments platform work for you. 

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