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How to Simplify Invoicing and Billing

Invoicing is a cornerstone for businesses that need to regularly bill customers. But relying on paper records can make it difficult to track outstanding payments. Integrated payment technology automates much of the billing and invoicing process. You won’t need to sift through boxes of invoices and receipts or log in to multiple accounts just to find something. It’s an easy way to organize your payments and save time.

Simplify Invoicing

A virtual terminal makes invoicing and billing easier to manage for your business. You can create invoices in only a few steps, with the option to set a recurring payment schedule you can track and export. Invoice customization allows you to drag-and-drop multiple fields, select tax rates, and add a memo. Plus, you can track which invoices are outstanding and which of your customers owe a payment. Customers will also receive receipts and due date reminders automatically after you send the invoice, so you get paid faster.

Lower Your Interchange Rates

Interchange rate is the cost of using a credit card in a transaction. Credit card companies like Visa and American Express set their own interchange rates, taking many different factors into account. In-person or “card present” transactions have a lower interchange rate – they’re considered more secure since the card is physically present. By integrating your virtual terminal, you get the benefits of a lower interchange rate and put those dollars back into your bottom line.

You can send the payment to a physical terminal or to your phone to finish the payment process, even if it was started on the virtual terminal. You can also choose which physical terminal to send the payment to if you have more than one. Those savings, coupled with the virtual terminal’s functionality, makes it ideal for professional service firms or any business offering scheduled payments.

Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

If you’re tired of tracking and managing payment across multiple platforms, Fattmerchant’s virtual terminal is a perfect solution. You can view a detailed list of customer information, recurring payment schedules, catalog items, and inventory with just one login. You can drill down into specifics to manage customer information, like their preferred payment method. A virtual terminal automatically tracks inventory levels, working from invoices every time something is sold. Everything is one place, and you can search by keyword and sort by name, address, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Integrating your payment technology will organize your invoices, customer information, and data. You’ll get paid faster with automated receipts and due-date reminders for customers. And if you need to check a customer’s information or inventory levels, it’s all there. Fattmerchant’s virtual terminal and the Omni platform streamline your entire payments and billing process while also saving you money.

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