How to Streamline Your Business’ Payment Management

Managing your payment process is vital to the health of your business. In the past, invoices, customer records, and tracking payments might have required separate platforms or tools to view and manage, making it difficult to clearly see all of your business’ information. But new technology has made it easier than ever to manage your information and payments in one place. Stax is an integrated platform that unifies payment process management by using one simple dashboard.

The robust analytics dashboard available in the Stax Platform organizes all of your data so you don’t have to. With the Stax Platform, you’ll see all of your information in one place, build out custom, detailed reports, export them with just a few clicks, and view everything in a top-level summary. The unified nature of the platform streamlines payment processing into one user-friendly dashboard, without requiring countless sign-ins and accounts.

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Actionable, Clean Data

Within the Stax Platform, sales trends and data are compiled and presented in one dashboard so you won’t need to move between accounts and software to see it all. In the summary section, you’ll see gross and net sales, along with your total refunds in one simple chart.

A heat map in the sales section presents the busiest times of day for your business, so you can easily plan product promotions and staffing schedules. You can also compare sales trends across all of your locations to get the full, clear picture of where you should focus your efforts. With the Stax Platform, you can access outstanding invoices and get details on how much is owed and which of your customers owe it.

Custom Reports & More

You’ll enjoy access to clear and insightful data with the Stax Platform. You can create detailed custom reports on payment, inventory, deposits, and item categories and get down into specifics with filters. These custom reports can also be exported, so you’ll have them when you need them.

You’ll be able to plan thoroughly with the provided insights, without having to use multiple programs and accounts to do it. By integrating with the Stax Platform, you can extend capabilities even further, making it into a robust invoice and billing system.

Simply Unified

With the Stax Platform, you can view all of your data and analytics in one location. The dashboard eliminates the need for multiple logins to view your data, and our custom reporting options are easy to use with filters that let you get as detailed as you want.

If you’re a QuickBooks Online user, your data will sync securely back and forth through our QuickBooks Online integration options. With your data synced in both places, you can track outstanding invoices and other data on both the Stax Platform and QuickBooks Online.

Staying on top of your records and payments is a cornerstone of managing your business. With Stax, you’ll enjoy access to all of your data and analytics and with Stax’ reporting capabilities, detailed breakdowns are available with a few clicks.

Speak with a Payments Consultant today to learn more about how Stax can simplify your payment process management.

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