How to Use Text2Pay in Omni to Get Paid Faster

If you’re anything like us, you’re on your phone constantly checking text messages – and so are your customers! Technology today has made it even easier to receive important notifications via text message including appointment reminders, special promotion notifications, receipts, and more. Why not add the ability to receive and pay invoices to this list?

With the Text2Pay feature in the Omni Virtual Terminal, you can send an invoice to your customer via SMS text, making it extremely convenient to be paid. Just simply create the invoice like you normally would select Send and then choose SMS.

You will then enter your customer’s cell phone number and select send. They will instantly receive an SMS message with a link to their invoice. Once paid, the invoice will automatically update within the Omni Virtual Terminal.

By sending an invoice over text, your customer is more likely to see it right away. Plus, if they store credit card information on their phone, they can pay you in just a few taps. They’ll love the convenience of paying on their phone instead of trying to remember next time they’re on a desktop.

No more waiting for your customer to check their email, or worse, their physical mailbox before receiving payment for an invoice. Customers can now easily and securely make their payment right from their phone providing you with the funds you need, at the speed you need it.

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