Introducing New Ways to Save Time, Customize and Grow with Fattmerchant!

Fattmerchant's Virtual Terminal allows you to easily send invoices, save time with recurring billing and view robust analytics to run and grow your business.

Fall is in the air, the kids are back in school and with the new season comes fresh new updates from Fattmerchant!We have a number of exciting features available to help you save time, including in-stock inventory alerts, zip code auto-completion, and auto-incrementing invoice numbers, read on or watch here to learn more.

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Customize Your Email Notifications and Alerts
We know you’re busy – so we’ve made it even simpler for you to see alerts that are important for your business!

  • Update email notifications: Select the email notifications you want to be sent to you, so you only receive emails for payment actions that are important to you, like successful or failed payments. No more clutter, just what matters.
  • In-app notifications: Notifications are now available in the header bar, notifying you of upcoming expired payment methods. This helps you avoid missed payments by reaching out to your customers for an updated payment method before it’s too late!
  • Inventory alerts: When entering in a quantity for an item that is more than what you have in stock, a pop-up alert shows – reminding you to re-stock or change the order prior to sending it to your customer!

Save Time and Remove the Guesswork
Your business is on-the-go, and so are you – check out these new features designed to help you save time and cut out the guesswork from wherever you may be!

  • Auto-fill city and state: Simply type in the zip code for customer information, payment methods and website payments, and city and state will auto-populate. No more guesswork!
  • Downloadable files: Need to access a file you’ve sent previously from your catalog? No worries – you can easily download attachments from your catalog items, no more digging through old emails to try and find an elusive file attachment!

Optimize Billing with Invoices
Businesses of all sizes send online invoices to help save time and money through automation. We’ve added a few new features to help make your invoicing even simpler!

  • Send Batch Invoices: Batch invoicing is ideal for when you have a group of users who all need to be sent an invoice for the same service, price, and billing frequency. Now you can simply send an invoice to each of these users at the same time – and cut down on the amount of time you spend sending an invoice to each customer!
  • Auto-Incrementing Invoice Numbers: Enable the auto-incrementing invoice numbers from your settings, and any invoice you send will automatically be assigned a unique invoice ID!
  • View and Sort Scheduled Invoices: For businesses that send a large number of scheduled invoices, we now offer the ability to view and sort your scheduled invoices based on a number of different attributes, including last run date, next run date, auto-payment, and more. This makes it simple to see what invoices are scheduled and give you a better idea of when you can expect to see payment!
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