Jordan Law: A Fattmerchant Success Story


Jordan Ostroff, managing partner of Jordan Law and The Tix Team in central Florida, has found processing success with Fattmerchant. Jordan Law is a criminal defense and family law firm, and The Tix Team focuses on criminal traffic and traffic tickets. Together, they handle everything from traffic violations all the way up to family law, serious felonies, and academic hearings at local central Florida universities. Their team boasts 4 attorneys, 2 full-time staff members, and 2-3 local law school interns who rotate between semesters.

After experiencing high fees and lackluster technology from Square, Ostroff decided to look for a better solution. Accepting payments from clients was just not something he wanted his team to worry about – so he started researching alternative solutions.

Since making the switch to Fattmerchant, Ostroff now enjoys an average 2% savings per transaction, better customer service, and technology his whole team can get behind.

“One of the biggest benefits of Fattmerchant is the ease of use that I have in running two separate law firms. I can just click over and switch between my two merchant accounts on one platform, which makes everything so much easier.”

Download the whole case study here to learn more about how Ostroff made the switch for his two law firms, and what he has to say about the experience.

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