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Let the Sunshine In! 5 Creative Summer Promotions for Small Businesses

Unless you’re selling only swimsuits and lemonade, it’s normal to experience a lull in sales in the summer months. Most of your customers are busy with weddings and graduations, family vacations, and outdoor activities. Essentially, when the weather is nice people just don’t want to be inside! Studies show even online sales dip in the summer months.


But worry not – there are some creative things you can do in the coming months to beat the lull! Above everything else, however, make sure you’re keeping expenses low – which includes taking a look at your retail merchant services account. Accepting credit cards is so important for small businesses, but it is often expensive. Try some of these promotion ideas and lower your retail merchant services costs for a better summer!


Give Out Some Summer Swag

Everyone loves a freebie and summer is the perfect time to start giving them out! Who wouldn’t love a free beach bag, some nice sunglasses or a water bottle? With the temperatures rising everyone is heading to the beach or a barbecue so why not have them bring a nice freebie with your logo on it?

Just like that you have someone marketing your brand wherever they go!

Lower Prices as Temperatures Rise

Summer is here so it’s time for a sale! Lower your prices to entice customers to visit your store, and keep them there with a refreshing complimentary lemonade or citrus water. !


Even if you may not be making a huge profit your sale won’t go unnoticed. Word of mouth is a huge tool and if your customers are happy they won’t hesitate to tell everyone they know!

Attend (or Throw Your Own!) Event

Throwing your own event can be very beneficial to your business. Get people in the door with some free food and drinks, then watch as your products sell themselves!

If you have the opportunity to attend someone else’s business event that’s just as good! Go mingle and spread the word to help build up your brand.


And with the Fattmerchant mobile app, purchases on the go have never been easier no matter where you are! Check in on the health of your business with your dashboard view, or take payments then and there with our card swiper.


Start a Social Media Hashtag

Social media is at all time high. If you can think of a clever hashtag for customers to use it can be an easy and free way to get the word out about a special sale or item you have in store. Don’t underestimate the ability to use your customers to promote your items for free.

social media hashtags are great ways to market your business


Embrace the Staycation

Let your loyal customers that stay in town for summer know they are appreciated. Whether you give them a special hometown discount or a freebie it will go a long way!  Making that extra effort will stand out, and those loyal customers will be more likely to recommend your store to others.


Now that you have a few tips and tricks for keeping your business flourishing during the summer months there is only one more thing you need to do – start saving money with Fattmerchant. By using Fattmerchant you can save your business hundreds of dollars in merchant service fees, giving you the freedom to expand your business in ways you couldn’t before!Give us a call at 321-414-5752 or contact us to get started!

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