Mobile Product Update: New Features Available in the Fattmerchant Mobile App

Fattmerchant Mobile Payment Technology Feature Update is Here

The latest and greatest in mobile payment technology is now available on the Fattmerchant mobile app! Accepting on-the-go payments, seamless inventory management and advanced security for your entire team has never been easier, or more accessible.

Check out some of the latest features released in our latest mobile update, available now in the App Store, or watch this video to learn more about the Fattmerchant Mobile App!

Streamlined Payments

  • Edit existing orders/invoices: Perfect for businesses on-the-go, mobile users can edit drafted orders/invoices, making it simple to start an invoice from a desktop and complete the transaction in-person with a client.
  • Customizable payment page view: Add or remove different functions from your app, ensuring only the tools you need for your business are available at your fingertips! Need to add a function as your business grows? No problem, simply visit the settings page to show it in the new payment page.

Inventory Management

product inventory catalog for virtual terminal or mobile payment technology

  • Barcode Scanner: Easily add items to your product catalog or orders with the app’s built-in barcode scanner. Both desktop and mobile users will be able to see new items available in the catalog automatically!
  • Catalog Photos: Photos for new inventory can also be added, making it even easier to familiarize your team with items and inventory! Simply upload or snap a photo, add to an item, and the new image will be synced across all devices.
  • In Stock: As items are purchased, all devices are updated with in-stock counts – simplifying your view of what’s available to sell and what needs to be reordered.

Advanced Security

Touch ID login for enhanced security on the Fattmerchant Mobile App!

  • Touch ID and PIN logins: Forgot your password? No problem, simply log in with your fingerprint or PIN. This also makes it a snap to switch between users from a single device!
  • Optional Auto-Sign Out: Increase security and turn on the auto-sign out feature after each transaction to ensure authorized usage of the app.
  • Team roles: As your team grows, so should your security features! Assign roles in-app or on the desktop application to ensure each member of your team has the right access for their role.
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