New Ways to Power Up Your Processing This Season with Fattmerchant

With the holiday season upon us, we’ve released a number of new features to help you stay up-to-date with your customers using customer profiles, streamline your business operations with low stock alerts, text message receipts and $0 invoices! Read on or watch here to learn more.

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Customer Communication Made Easy

Customer Profiles: See an overview of each of your customers in one place. Each customer profile contains contact and company details, saved payment methods, outstanding invoices, recent transactions, schedules and customer files – making it simple for you to start a new transaction or review important transaction details at a glance!

Preview Customer Notes and Payment Memos: Prior to sending an invoice or receipt, preview your customer notes and payment memos and return to edit as needed!

SMS Text Receipts: Receipts can now be sent via SMS, email or both – giving you more options to send proof of purchase!

Simplify Your Business Operations

Your team will love our new features to help streamline your business operations. As a business owner, you’re constantly juggling different tasks, so use the Fattmerchant virtual terminal to help you keep track of inventory, update your tax settings, notifications and more.

Zapier Integration: Zapier gives you the power to automate tasks between your Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal and other important business applications, helping you to save valuable time in your day. The possibilities are endless – use the app to add customers from your account to Mailchimp lists for email marketing, or even add new rows to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for every successful payment – there are thousands of options! To learn more, contact us!

Inventory Tracking & Alerts: Now, regardless of how a user pays, the inventory amount in your catalog is updated upon the first payment against a sale. You can also set a threshold for low stock notifications – when an item stock falls below your set threshold, a pop-up alert will show to let you know!

Three Decimal Places for Sales Tax: You asked and we listened, sales tax can now be set with three decimal places! To learn more about setting your sales tax in, visit our help desk article.

Update Schedule Notifications: Notifications in the header bar will populate when there is a scheduled payment to be run with a deleted auto-payment method.

$0 Totals: Need to log a transaction and remove an item from inventory without charging a price? $0 totals are here to help with your reconciliation, helping to ensure you are track inventory in and out of your business.

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