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OMNI NOTES: Product Update – November 2020

Sync Omni with your Facebook Reviews and customize your preferred payment methods for invoices

Last month, we launched an integration with Omni and Facebook Reviews to complement the integration with Google Reviews! You can also customize your invoices to request your preferred payment method whether it be credit cards or ACH payments from your customers.   

Read more about these new features below and learn about how they can support your business!

Manage your Facebook Reviews right from your Omni Dashboard

Fattmerchant Omni Social Review Dashboard

Manage your Facebook and Google Reviews using a single dashboard!

Our mission at Fattmerchant is to simplify your process for accepting payments, in addition to simplifying other tasks for your business. An important part of managing a business is ensuring that your online reputation accurately reflects the services and products you provide. 

That’s why we have been working hard to make it possible for you to manage your online reputation right from your Omni Dashboard, so you don’t have to log in to multiple sites. 

We’ve had an integration with Google Reviews for some time now, and we’re excited to announce that we also have an integration with Facebook! 

Why login to three different sites (Omni, Facebook, and Google), when you can log into one place and knock out three different tasks!

The best part? This integration is already included with your Omni account. There are other software out there that you may be familiar with that allow you to manage your online reputation across multiple sources in one place, but those softwares are often expensive… and also just one more place for you to login.

If you haven’t already, log into Omni now to sync your Facebook and Google accounts! Once synced, you will instantly see all of your past and incoming online reviews on your Omni Dashboard, or within your Online Reviews Report

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Request that your customers pay their invoices with your preferred payment method!

The following updates are available to users with Credit Card and ACH payments enabled on the Omni Virtual Terminal plan. If you are interested in enabling ACH payments, click here

Since ACH processing is far less expensive than credit card processing, there may be times where you only want to accept ACH payments for your invoices. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to only allow ACH payments for your invoices! You can also accept both ACH and credit card payments but you can have your preferred payment method listed first. 

Here are your options for customizing the payment method for your invoices!

Set a default payment method for ALL invoices in your settings.

You can choose to have the Credit Card option listed first on an invoice, or you can have the Bank option listed first when your customer is entering their payment information for an invoice.  If you primarily want to accept ACH, but you also want to give the option for credit card payments, you can list the Bank option first in your settings so the bank fields are what will show first to your customer when they pay.

Adjust your invoice settings to only allow a single payment type for all your invoices. 

If you traditionally send invoices for very large amounts, you can choose to only allow ACH payments for all invoices (we suggest doing this for invoices of $500 or more). With this option, you can still accept credit cards for smaller transactions that you may key-in.

Choose the payment method option when creating your invoice. 

Lastly, you can leave your settings as-is and just select the payment type you want to accept every time you create an invoice. Invoice A for $100 can allow both credit card and ACH payments and Invoice B for $10,000 can allow ONLY ACH payments. You finally have the option to choose your payment method with every invoice!

Click here to learn how to customize your invoices.

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That’s it for this month’s product updates! Check back next month for more.

Happy Processing!

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