OMNI NOTES: Product Update – September 2020

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Message Center Enhancements and Improved Invoicing Flow!

We are always adding and improving features in your Omni platform to help you process payments with ease and ultimately grow your business with efficiency. Due to the current climate, our team is focusing heavily on features that support Contactless and Virtual payments. This includes enhancements to 2-way text messaging and electronic invoices. 

Read below to learn more about the features we’ve been working on and how they can support your business at this time.

Message Center Enhancements


The following updates apply to users on the Contactless by Omni plan. If you are interested in enabling Contactless features on your account, please reach out to our support team by emailing [email protected] or by calling 855-550-3288 ext.2.

Send a friendly (and optional) text message to your customer along with their SMS invoice. 

You can now start a conversation via text with your customer as soon as you send them their SMS invoice. Previously, when sending the invoice via text, you couldn’t include a message along with the invoice. Now you have the option to include a note about the invoice due date, communicate pickup times, or just say “Hi!” to your customer.

We recommend sending a message along with the invoice. Customers will appreciate receiving a friendly note along with their payment request. Plus, they’ll be more likely to respond back to add items to their purchase or to discuss pickup times if they know they can have a convenient conversation with you via text message. We call that a win-win!

See your SMS invoice in your Omni Message Center immediately after you hit send, and click into your invoices right from your Message Center. 

To support you sending a message along with an SMS invoice, we have also made it so you can see the invoice and your original message (if you included one) in your Omni Message Center as soon as you click send. This way, you can refer back to the message and even send follow-up messages if needed. Previously, you would have to wait for your customer to respond to your text message in order to see the conversation in your Message Center.

You can also click into the invoice right from the message in your Message Center so you can easily refer to the invoice that your customers may have questions about. 

Click into your Omni Message Center from your text notification emails and easily identify which messages require your attention. 

Previously, we would send an email to you informing you that you have received a new text message from a customer; which is definitely nice… but you had to open another tab in your browser, log into Omni, and then click into your Message Center to reply back. Now, we will help you get to the Message Center with a single-click via a handy new button in your email notification.

Also, to complement the improvement of your notification emails, we made it easier to identify which messages require your attention by marking unread messages in *bold*. Now when you receive your notification email and click into the Message Center, it will be clear which message you need to review. No more sifting through tons of text messages looking for the ones that require your attention. 

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Invoice Enhancement


The following updates are available on the Contactless by Omni and Omni Virtual Terminal plans. If you are interested in enabling Contactless and Virtual features on your account, please reach out to our support team by emailing [email protected] or by calling 855-550-3288 ext.2. 

Enter your customer’s email address only once when creating an invoice.

If you added a new customer or selected an existing customer when creating an invoice, and that customer already had an email address on their profile, we would still ask you to enter their email address again after clicking to send the invoice via email. This was obviously a redundant and time-consuming process, so we have adjusted the flow to only ask you to enter the email address after clicking send, if the customer does not have an email address on their profile. 

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Calling all users of the Omni Mobile App! 📣

Are you interested in impacting the next generation of Omni Mobile? If so, the Omni Mobile Product Team is looking for customers interested in beta testing the next version of Omni Mobile. 

Fattmerchant Omni App Mobile Preview

What’s included in the next version of Omni Mobile? 

  • Cards are securely stored for future transactions after they are swiped one time.
  • Mobile transactions can be refunded from your desktop computer.
  • Users logging in with a Google account (Gmail), can now use SSO (single sign-on) when logging into Omni. 

The only thing we need from you is for you to start using the next version of Omni Mobile. That’s it! 

If you are interested in beta testing the next version of Omni Mobile, click below to fill out our short form. Once you fill out the form, we will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. 

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That’s it for this month’s product updates! Check back next month for more. Happy Processing!

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