By Julia Olson

[Part Two] Art of the Sale: The Perfect Follow-Up Email (with Templates!)

As you probably know all too well, your success as a salesperson is put behind you when a new month starts. Everything resets and it’s up to you to make new connections or start sending those dreaded follow-up emails.


It’s easy to send the generic “just checking in” email once a month, but if you’re an offender of this all-too-common practice you probably already know these are less than effective. Kick your email game up a notch with these engaging follow-ups, complete with templates.


Capture Interest with a Great Subject Line

There are a lot of conflicting ideas out there as to what makes a great subject line for sales emails. It really boils down to the email’s purpose – unfortunately this is not a “one size fits all” scenario.

the perfect sales email template subject lines

For the general follow-up email, it’s important to express your gratitude for their time. Using first names or specific business goals you’ve discussed already will add to your credibility and show your attention to detail.

the perfect email follow up subject lines

If you’ve tried calling and didn’t get an answer, it is important to immediately follow up with an email to keep you and your company top-of-mind for your prospect. Keep it simple and vague – your prospect is less likely to screen your email to the junk folder if they’re not 100% sure what it’s about without opening it first. A little tricky – but it works!

the perfect email follow up subject line cold email

This is your last ditch effort for leads that have not responded in a while. The same idea applies as far as simplicity, but here you want to ask a question or express your intention to end the relationship. By implying your correspondence may end soon, you may push your cold prospect to take that next step sooner rather than later.


Get Specific In the Body

You want to make your prospects feel special in your emails. The biggest turn-off when it comes to sales emails is the look and feel of a mass-send. If you can, take the time to write your follow ups personally, or use smart tags to auto-populate names if you’re using an email tool.

the best email follow up template

The biggest takeaway from the general follow-up template is to be specific and useful. Make frequent references to specific pain points or business issues, and always remember to make good on promises made during your phone conversation.

the perfect email follow up template for after a voicemail

When following up after a voicemail, it is important to keep it short and sweet. Mention when you’ll be calling again and make it easy to reach you, but don’t get too specific. The ultimate goal is to get them on the phone, so keep it brief in your follow-up!

the perfect email follow up template for cold leads

This is your last attempt at contact, so you can be a little more playful if you would like. Don’t be afraid to be straightforward and say “If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you are no longer interested and take you off my list.” This can actually prompt action – and if it doesn’t, you will no longer be wasting your time on a prospect that is not interested in your services.


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