Read All About It! Fattmerchant Founders’ Big Announcements

Our founders Suneera Madhani (CEO) and brother, Sal Rehmetullah (COO) have reached a new level of success. With an astonishing investment of 5.5 million dollars funded by Fulcrum Equity Partners the startup is now expanding offices and staff to the “Transaction Alley”, Atlanta.

Now that news has broke on the “FattFamily” expansion we’ve had the pleasure of being featured in many different publications. Below is a few links to some notable mentions on the story.

atlanta based press article from hypepotamus


Fueled by Atlanta Investors, Payments Tech Provider Fattmerchant Beefs Up In Transaction Alley

Our CEO, Suneera Madhani, saw the frustration within the payment processing industry and sought to make a difference. Fattmerchant was built to offer direct-cost pricing along with integrations and analytics, helping businesses process their payments without markups or exorbitant fees, and assisting thousands of consumers across the country.


Orlando fintech firm lands investment, expands to Atlanta

As the payment technology industry continues to grow, so does its consumers. With statistically 70 percent of all payments being handled within the Georgia business area it only makes since to make our first expansion to the “Transaction Alley”.

Double time: Fattmerchant plans expansion with $5.5M VC funding

With this expansion our Fattmerchant founders are excited to double our current staff size of over 30 members, our current 4,000 square foot office space, and open this new office in the heart of Atlanta. With these expansions in turn comes the chance to continue our trend of providing true value within the fast-paced industry of payment technology and merchant services.

Atlanta VC firm invests $5.5M in Florida fintech firm

Fulcrum Equity Partners is a company based on execution and growth, as well as investing in people and possibilities. They saw the current growth of Fattmerchant (which has notably done more the $1 billion in transactional volume) and a bright future that will come with the expansion of the firm in the heart of payments – their hometown of Atlanta.

Fattmerchant attracts $5.5M

Alongside our firm’s physical expansion, Our founders Suneera and Sal are excited for the future partnership development and technology improvements that will come from Fulcrum’s investment. We are very excited to be working with one another and to continue our mission to improve the payments experience for businesses everywhere.

Fortune: Term Sheet

We’re excited to share with you all the recent buzz about our growth and ability to provide omni-channel integrated payments to clients everywhere.

Other notable mentions include : CPA Practice Advisor , Petsky Prunier Investment Bankers , Digital Transactions , Payment Source

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