Scary Halloween Credit Card Scams

One of the more common ways thieves attempt to steal credit card information is straight from your computer. Malware and spyware can track your internet activity, while other softwares are capable of grabbing your credit card information from what is typed into your keyboard.

Although this sounds spooky, there are a few effective ways of safeguarding against this.. The first is to install a strong and reliable internet security software. Beyond that, it is always a good idea to keep your browsers up-to-date and be wary of opening any emails from unknown sources.


Another popular way credit card information is stolen is through skimming. Skimming is when a small piece of hardware is installed in a credit card terminal that extracts the information from the magnetic strip of the card and is then relayed to the thief via bluetooth or stored data.

This type of fraud is most common at gas stations and ATMs, but can also be an issue at any place of business where the card is separated from the card holder – like restaurants and bars.

Business owners should take a few minutes to check their credit card terminals for any piece of hardware that does not quite seem to fit. Keep on eye out for slightly different material quality, different color, or slight protrusions. Also take a moment to wiggle the different pieces of your machine to check for tampering. But the best way to safeguard against skimming is to make sure your business is EMV compliant.


One more scam that targets small businesses is known as the “overpayment scam”. The buyer will express interest in expensive goods, and later claim to have been charged for higher than the agreed upon price, demanding unsuspecting business owners forward them the difference.

To avoid this scam, keep an eye out for suspiciously large orders from overseas buyers. Be careful to only ever accept the invoiced amount for the transaction, and do not ship your goods until the payment has been verified by your bank.


Here at Fattmerchant, the information security of you and your customers is very important. You can rest assured that with our industry leading security standards, you can enjoy this fall season without any of these nasty tricks – only treats!

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