Setting Up eCommerce Solutions? Learn How to Make Them Safe Through These Tips

After the infamous Equifax and Facebook data breaches, customers all over the world do not feel the same sense of protection they once did in sharing their private data with an online or e-commerce site.

Seeing the effects of those hacks, you cannot blame such individuals. Your customers are acting rationally to minimize safety issues. At the same time, top line revenue growth is a substantial factor for businesses, growing and maintaining eCommerce solutions is a vital component in meeting this objective. Your customers must trust you with their online payments to enhance your business potential.

These data breaches make customers apprehensive when paying with cards or apps online. Customers need to feel a sense of safety before they can trust your site with their personal payment information and contact details. .

Fortunately, Fattmerchant uses state of the art technologies to protect sensitive data through a safe payment system. This is especially true if you live in the US, where finding online store payment solutions is just a matter of finding the right services.

How Do I Secure My Online Store?

Remember to follow a few best practices to increase overall safety and trust in your e-commerce site. We at Fattmerchant recommend that you follow a few security protocols to minimize potential safety concerns.

Convert Your Site to the HTTPS Protocol

All websites, by default, run on the HTTP protocol. It is a generic process and doesn’t encrypt information between servers. Conversely, sites that use the HTTPS protocol encrypt all information and optimize for data privacy.

This lets users know that their financial information isn’t available to anyone else. Their data is verified by their banks through simple eCommerce solutions.

You can also convert your HTTP website to HTTPS by installing a TLS security certificate through your hosting provider. This conversion goes a long way in improving your website’s credibility for your customers.

Never Ask for Credit Card Information Through Email or Chat

Further, prioritize for PCI compliance and never write down credit card information. It is vital to account for higher interchange costs that you may incur with traditional means such as taking credit information over the phone. Turn to various online solutions that are now available for online store payments and minimize your potential liabilities.

Keeping this in mind, make sure to always ask your customers to share such sensitive information through a secure link on your website. This process saves you from having to process the data manually. It also assures your customers that they are submitting their information themselves.

Always Turn to PCI Service Providers for Payment Solutions

As a universal standard of security, a credible e-commerce site must have a PCI Service provider in place. This ensures that the payment is swift. It also shares and adheres to the necessary compliance standards expected from such a transaction.

Having an approved PCI Merchant Services Provider such as Fattmerchant also ensures that your data protection goes beyond your website. In today’s day and age, this is quite a significant development that helps your customers trust your eCommerce solutions.

As a Level 1 PCI Merchant Services Provider, data protection is our Fattmerchant’s top priority. Through targeted processes that comply with regulatory standards, we ensure that your customers feel the utmost safety in dealing with your online store.

Whether you are setting up an e-commerce site or want us to help you optimize your current website, don’t hesitate to call us today. We will be glad to help you set up payment processing systems that optimize for performance and security.

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