Spring Clean Your Payment Processing: May Product Update

2018 is well underway, and with spring cleaning season starting up, it’s time to take stock of your business practices and focus on improving your cash flow and processes for the rest of the year! Read on or watch to learn more about the latest updates available in the Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal.

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Streamline Day-to-Day Operations: Have multiple locations or payment processing solutions with Fattmerchant, but prefer to have a default account? Set a default merchant in Fattpay.com to ensure the preferred account is always shown upon login – helping you to quickly check the numbers that matter most to you, first!

New reports have also been added to Fattpay.com – including payment method reports, sales reports, and more! Drill down into how your business is doing at an item level, by category, or even take a look at your projected inventory to determine when items will be available and in-stock for rental or usage.

Additionally, if you have ACH enabled and prefer for your customers to pay their invoices online via ACH rather than credit card, you have the option to disable credit card payments against invoices on a per customer basis. Save your team and your customers some time by effortlessly accepting ACH payments, and say goodbye to unnecessary phone calls trying to chase down payments!

Shorten the Payment Collection Process: Managing outstanding receivables just became even easier. Merchants can now adjust the final transaction amount after refunds have been applied, so customer balances are always up-to-date and you know what receivables are still owed to you.

Optional payment due dates have also been added to your invoices to help ensure you get paid on time and set payment expectations with your customers. Plus, if your customers ever have a question, your business’ contact information has been added to all of your payment related customer interactions – making it simple for them to get in contact with you to complete a transaction.

Simplify Sales Tax: Need a little more control over setting tax rates on your items? Sales tax can now be manually edited or added as dollar amounts, allowing you to enter exactly what you need without disrupting your payment flow. The new transaction layout also allows you to easily enable and disable tax rates per item.


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