Stax vs. Quickbooks Online

Whether you’re exploring payment processing services options for your new business or looking to switch, it’s always a good idea to see everything that’s out there. Stax Enterprise offers payment technology solutions for all business types, and one major company that claims the same is Intuit, with their product QuickBooks Online (QBO).

QuickBooks, at its core, is accounting software. In an effort to bring more features to their customers, Intuit added a payment processing function to their main product. Although current QuickBooks customers may feel comfortable in a system they already know, using accounting software for your payment processing could lead to more headaches than it’s worth.

Each business is unique, and it pays to understand exactly what will work best for you as you explore your options. That is why we have put together a brief comparison of features, service, price, and other factors between Stax and Quickbooks.

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QuickBooks Online Features

There are a handful of features that remain the same across managing online payments with Stax and QuickBooks Payments. The first, and most obvious, is the ability to send and track invoices to customers. This is considered a “pay to play” feature, which means it is expected in this type of technology. Other similarities include a recurring billing option and the ability to sync with a mobile application.

While a lot of the basic functionality is similar, a number of business owners who had previously been sending invoices through Quickbooks Online have made the switch to Stax. This is because the Stax platform integrates smoothly with Quickbooks Online and is often much more affordable than the Intuit alternative.

With the Stax/Quickbooks integration, users are able to reconcile their invoices and batch reports from Stax with their accounting dashboard within Quickbooks Online, making tracking and reporting easy while keeping the actual cost of transacting credit cards as low as possible.

User Experience

Something we hear often from Quickbooks Online users is that they are already comfortable with the user interface and are hesitant to try something new. While the Quickbooks Online interface may feel familiar, the Stax Payments Online platform is much more intuitive and user-friendly. Not only is there a tutorial that walks new users through all of the key features, but the workflow for making a payment or creating an invoice also takes mere minutes to master.

On top of the easy-to-use interface, Stax guarantees next-day funding for qualified businesses and 24-hour funding for everyone else. Compare this to the 2-3 business days promised by Quickbooks Online. When it comes to seeing funds in your bank account, you can’t afford to have to wait that long.

Another major aspect of the user experience has nothing to do with technology or funding, but with the experience, you as the business owner have with your payment processing vendor every month. Stax prides itself on simple, clear pricing and a monthly statement that business owners can understand. Transparency is a core value here at Stax, so you can rest easy knowing that each month you’ll know what you’re paying and why.

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Customer Service

Stax’ members are family. Whenever you call in with a question, issue, or just to chat – a real person answers the phone every time. This is the perk of working with a smaller, more specialized company. Quickbooks, owned by tech giant Intuit, has its hands full with a large number of other business endeavors, most having nothing to do with payments. When you call in with a question, you are likely to be put on hold or bounced around departments until someone is able to help you.

With Stax, someone who is ready to help answers the phone every time. We eat, sleep, and breathe payments – so rest easy knowing that you’re getting the kind of white-glove customer service you deserve.

The Bottom Line

While it may seem like processing payments through your accounting software makes sense, these are actually two very different business decisions and two very different industries. Accepting payments is too important to your business to take lightly, so it pays to do your research and choose the vendor that makes the most sense for you – even if that means having one vendor for accounting and one for payment technology.

Stax surpasses Quickbooks Online for payments in value, service, and ease-of-use and integrates into the accounting software with ease – making your life as a business owner as easy as possible. If you’re considering processing payments with Stax, give us a call at 321-414-5752 or contact us today to get the conversation going.

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