Swipe, Dip, or Tap: 3 Card Present Solutions for Your Business

card present solutions

Many of us are familiar with the idea of swiping a card to pay at checkout, sliding in cards for a chip reader, or even tapping our phones for payment. In fact, many consumers prefer to use a credit card over cash for large purchases. In-person transactions are considered to be more secure, as the card is present at checkout, and accepting a wide variety of payment methods in now easier than ever with technology. Physical terminals that enable Near Field Communication, or NFC, can also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay for contactless payment. Including an integrated payment solution into your payment flow can save you money on interchange rates, so finding a solution that fits your business is key. Here are 3 different tools you can use to accept card-present payment.

Verifone Engage

The Verifone Engage class of terminals is easy to use, with the ability to accept magstripe and EMV compliant cards. Customers can swipe, dip, or tap payment, and sync the purchase amount and customer name to the Omni platform, so you can easily track all of your payments. Some Verifone Engage models come with built-in receipt printers, adding extra functionality. And since our terminals can be easily integrated, your business can offer a customized payment experience for your customers.


The Dejavoo smart terminals can be used as standalone terminals or integrated with the virtual terminal to accept card present transactions. Just enter a payment amount, and your customers can swipe, dip, or tap for payment. With the virtual terminal integration, you can lower your interchange costs by accepting card-present payment, all while adding another layer of security to the transaction.

BBPOS Chipper BT and Chipper 2x BT

Mobile card readers are great tools for merchants that need to accept payment while on the go. Fattmerchant offers two mobile card reader solution, and you’ll enjoy all of the functionality of our virtual terminal right from your mobile device! Chipper BT and Chipper 2x BT mobile card readers accept magstripe and EMV compliant cards via bluetooth on iOS and Android devices. With the Chipper 2x, you’ll enjoy all of the features of the Chipper, plus Apple Pay. Accepting payment from your phone will be quick and headache-free!

Since in-person payments are considered more secure, businesses accepting card-present transactions can really reap the rewards of lower interchange costs. Countertop terminals are the easiest and most straightforward way for merchants to accept card-present payment, and customers can swipe, dip or tap their card to pay. At the same time, mobile card readers offer flexibility for merchants frequently accepting in-person payment while on the go. You can accept magstripe and EMV compliant cards – and with some models, you can also accept Apple Pay and other NFC payment.

With Fattmerchant’s line of smart terminals, you can integrate each physical terminal with the virtual terminal, enabling you to start a transaction online and finish it in person – keeping those interchange costs low. Whether you need one countertop terminal or a mobile card reader, Fattmerchant has you covered.

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