By LeeAnn Huntoon

The Benefits of Connecting Your Business Applications With Zapier

Zapier is an automation application that connects thousands of apps into workflows for your business. It works with over 1,300 business tools, and “Zaps” connect the two applications you’d like to integrate. It’s versatile, flexible, and easy to use, making it an ideal way to boost the efficiency of your business.

The Benefits of Using an Automated Workflow

An automated workflow will cut your manual work in half or cut it out altogether. Zapier integrates with thousands of other applications, so you can easily connect favorite tools to your Omni account. Automation, in general, makes it easier to manage daily operations.

For instance, you can use Zapier to connect your Omni account to your CRM to automatically add new customers every time you process a payment or send an invoice. Inputting their basic information into Omni will trigger the Zap and transfer the data over to your CRM platform. Since Zapier is so versatile, it works with most big CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot. You can even create email marketing campaigns for customer feedback or start a referral program – the possibilities are endless.

How Zapier Integrations Work

The Zap is an automation created for your convenience. It’s built from a trigger that waits for a defined set of new data to transfer. When you add new data while working in your software, the Zap then takes the next “action step” to find the data and transfer it to the integrated software. A Zap is extremely versatile because it can be built to your exact specifications in order to create the best workflow.

For example, if you process a transaction in Omni and you want to add information from that transaction into a Google Spreadsheet, like customer name, email, and total amount paid, you would need to build a Zap to connect Omni and the Google Spreadsheet you want populated with the information. The Zap will then connect the two applications through an API and transfer the new transaction information every time it’s triggered in the future. Once you’ve built the Zap, you won’t need to build it again.

Creating a Zap in Omni

Anytime you want a specific action to take place between the Fattmerchant Omni platform and another application, you will use a Zap. You can build a Zapier integration right from the Omni platform to connect to another application. From the Settings tab in Omni, you can create a webhook tied to a particular event:

  • Navigate to “Webhooks” and select an event
  • Enter the target URL from Zapier and then save
  • Go to Zapier, “Start a Zap” and select “Webhooks by Zapier”
  • Choose your trigger
  • Once you’ve tested the step, choose the action you want to associate with the trigger
  • Choose your account and edit the template
  • Test the step, name the Zap, and turn it on

And you’re done! Once your Zap is up and running, it will continue to run without needing any further action.

Whatever application you use, you can automate your process with a Zap to save time and boost your efficiency. Automated workflows can work as long as you need them to – you only have to set them up once. And if you change software platforms, you can create a new Zap and still track your information. 

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